Dragon Watch

Episode 44: A World Moved On - Chapter One

14 Gozran 4754


Hudson Graves and Thorgur Fireborn were left behind in the present to deal with the Technic League’s army. It was a terrible battle, leading to the death of Aszrogal, Choral’s companion.

Hudson dueled the Man in Black during the ensuing battle, known as the Battle of Skywatch. This led to the loss of his right arm, which was rebuilt by Titanis into a cybernetic limb. Hudson fought in the ensuing war between Numeria and Brevoy. On the eve of a great battle in Numeria, Hudson departs the country with a Watchman named Niramour Lockewinter, leaving Titanis behind. The Silver Mount was destroyed by some cataclysmic event, setting forth a wave of darkness that would come to curse all of Golarion – an event known as the End of Stars.

Hudson returned to Numeria to search for the Titanis but was ultimately unsuccessful. He settled in Skywatch with other survivors, and eventually met Astrid’s family when they used the Observatory to travel to this future, in what was known in their time as the Vanishing. This foreshadowed his own reunion with Astrid and Orin.

Thorgur was wounded in the Battle of Skywatch too, but he recovered and departed for Fort Ramgate. There he fought in wars to retake Kraggodan. But the End of Stars came during one such battle, and a great dhole emerged from the Darklands thereafter, consuming all of Kraggodan. Thorgur awoke in the aftermath and discovered a Watchman had attempted to reach him, with orders to bring him to Skywatch. The Watchman was dead, however, and Thorgur was alone.

Thorgur was eventually found by Anthony Arkwright, who took him to the Five King’s Mountains. There, Anthony discovered that Torag had fought a terrible old god, and the secret to his victory may lay beneath Highhelm in a great tomb. But before they could explore Highhlem, the city was destroyed by a terrible army of beasts. Anthony noted the pointlessness of their quest in any event, as opening the tomb would require royal blood, and the End of Stars had ended the few dwarven royal bloodlines remaining in Avistan.

Thorgur and Anthony fled north to Skywatch, but Anthony was lost in the ensuing trip. When Thorgur did arrive, he was reunited with Hudson. To his surprise, when Astrid and Orin also returned, he met a new dwarf as well – a dwarf wearing the sigil of Skyking.

Rhodin Skyking had fought in Kraggodan’s Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant. But he was also taken on the eve of a great battle – by Malam, speaking to him through dreams. He thereafter became a Watchman, discovering that Malam was a time dragon who presided over Castle Ouroboros, seemingly in orbit around Golarion. For years, he traveled through time to fight against the Dominion of the Black.

Eventually, the Watchmen are allied with Urzen Rogarvia and his allies. Urzen was bitter about Malam’s inaction, however, and planned to betray Malam and master time magic for himself so they could truly make a difference. Rhodin refused to join in Urzen’s campaign, but he also kept Urzen’s plans a secret from Malam. Nevertheless, Malam sent him on one last mission, depositing him in the apocalyptic future outside Skywatch. Here, he worked with the future Rogarvians and their host of dragons – including another survivor, Irthelia, with whom he recovered the Dragon Watch from Numeria.

Thorgur and Rhodin caught up in Skywatch’s local tavern, where Thorgur heard Rhodin’s tale and told him on the secret Anthony had found. Thorgur realized Rhodin’s story, if true, meant he had royal blood – and could perhaps reopen the tomb.

Eventually, Astrid and Orin did come to join their companions at Skywatch, via the Dragon Watch. Astrid was reunited with her mother, but learned her father had long passed away. He had intended to bring Astrid with him, but Astrid had been abducted by Malam the night of the Vanishing. Urzen had dedicated the remainder of his life to researching chronomancy in hopes of returning to the past to find his daughter.

Astrid was not alone in reunions. Orin was directed by Hudson to his own reunion, discovering to his surprise that he was not the only gillman in Skywatch. And so Orin traveled down to the nearby Icerime River, where he was surprised to meet none other than Arion, his father.


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