Dragon Watch

Episode 47: A World Moved On - Chapter Two

15 Gozran 4754


Orin is reunited with his father, Arion. He learns his father became a time-traveling Watchman for Malam, but was eventually abandoned in this future. Arion shares the most disturbing revelation of all: the gillmen in this future are extinct, wiped out by the Apocalypse. Even Chevaghol is dead – a small piece of good news. Orin resolves to return to the past and prevent this future from ever occurring. His father gives him one clue: Chevaghol’s eyes were recovered by her servants and taken to Tzim’chevaghol; any gillman who attunes him or herself to them can see a vision of Chevaghol’s last days and learn what she knew of the Apocalypse – and even how to destroy her.

Thorgur and Rhodin get the lay of the land from each other. Rhodin shares his story, and Thorgur reveals his knowledge of the Tomb of Torag, which can only be opened by the blood of kings. Rhodin takes Anthony’s research from Thorgur and resolves to learn what he can of Torag’s connection to the gods laying waste to Golarion in the current age.

Astrid takes tea with her mother and learns of her father’s work to discover time travel to the past. Traveling to the future is apparently easier than going the other way around. He never solved it, however, and he never saw his daughter again.

The party meets with the Skywatch Council in the Clocktower. They discuss their paths forward, and Orin persuades them to pursue the Eyes of the Ancient One in Tzim’chevaghol. While deciding how to cross the dangerous lands of Golarion, they are greeted by the Iskaron dragonflight. Irthelia, much older, is at their head, and she lands to present Astrid with the Dragon Watch.


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