Dragon Watch

Episode 51: On Fallen Wings - Chapter Three

17 Gozran 4754


Amber Wallace found Hudson as he stood watch atop the Titanis. She confessed an unexpected tale to the gunslinger – she had spent nearly 20 years of their 40 apart married to a Molthuni man that she had met while fleeing southern Avistan. Despite their long relationship, she had buried the man already. He had been killed years before by the Technic League.

Hudson took the news in stride, encouraging Amber to keep her wedding ring and stay true to her memory. His true feelings on the matter, whatever they might be, he kept to himself.

Their conversation was interrupted by Hellion. It had spotted pursuit. The Technic League had caught them.

Meanwhile, Orin, Thorgur and Astrid found themselves pursued by the [[At the Mountains of Madness: Episode 7 | flying machines that had hunted Hudson so long ago]]. Orin directed his phantom chariot deep into the nearby hills, while Thorgur scanned the landscape for any signs of the spine dragon rumored to live in the area.

They managed to lose their pursuers in the canyon and, despite a few wrong turns, found the spine dragon’s lair. Orin bartered with the dragon in its own language, tempting it to pursue the nearby army of machines for a robust meal.

Taking this opportunity – and hopeful delay of the Black Sovereign’s advance – the trio fled the canyons. Yet they were caught here by the flying machines who had pursued them this far. Orin stopped the chariot, allowing his companions to disembark and engage the machines in the manner they knew best – melee combat.

The battle carried on, but in the end, the trio put the machines down and returned to the chariot, again taking to the air and flying as fast as they could towards the Titanis – if it was not too late.

Back on the Titanis, Hudson, Rhodin and their allies prepared to engage the Technic League’s war party. The battle began quickly, as gearsman boarded the rig and engaged with its defenders.

Yet as the battle progressed, and things grew more dire, reinforcements arrived from an unexpected quarter: the sky.

Astrid, Orin and Thorgur had returned.


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