Lost Son of the Tides


​The might of magic came naturally to Shalako. Free will, however, did not. Shalako obtained his freedom when the aboleth abandoned Tzim’chevaghol. He knows better than most how little that freedom can be taken for granted.​


​Shalako is Orin’s brother and ally in his fight against the aboleth. Shalako led the free warriors of Tzim’chevaghol to Avistan to aid Orin in his time of need. After the Avengers of Azlant were decimated in the destruction of the House of the Rising Tide, Shalako led the gillmen to Tamran. He remains there, protecting them against any threat, desperate to find peace in a time of despair.​


​Shalako was born second son to Arion and Majistra. He lived in Tzim’chevaghol, where he developed his latent magical abilities, until Orin’s meeting with the aboleth. When Chevaghol abandoned the city, Shalako was one of the many gillmen suddenly found in possession of his own free will. He fled the city with the gillmen who wished to preserve this freedom, following his mother Majistra to the House of the Cresting Wave in Absalom.​

Events of Dragon Watch

​Season Two

Orin was surprised to meet Shalako in the Thunder Plains during the early days of the Dead War. Shalako had come with an army of gillmen, on orders from their mother, Majistra, to support Orin in his quest and establish a home for the gillmen. Shalako eventually led the gillmen into battle against Molthune’s forces in the Battle of the Thunder Plain.

While scouting for Orin, Shalako was captured by the dragon, Vellath the Green, who turned him over to the devices of Arlantia. Shalako was freed by Orin and his allies during the battle with Arlantia.

During the Battle of Tamran, Shalako led the Avengers of Azlant to battle Molthune’s navy. Their intervention was instrumental in the allied victory.​

​Season Three

Shalako led the development of the House of the Rising Tide in Lake Encarthan. The gillmen scouted the lake for potential allies in the war against Chevaghol. Although he eventually found a triton city, historical enemies of the aboleth, Shalako was unwittingly deceived. The tritons, allies of Chevaghol, sacked the House of the Rising Tide, leaving the gillmen scattered.

Shalako led the follow-up effort to unite the refugees and led them to Tamran. Once there, he was contacted by Orin, who ceded leadership of the gillmen to Shalako while he pursued his own quest against Chevaghol.​


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