​The unknowable aboleth hold court over the depths of the Sightless Sea, and they stir with its riding tide. No mortal knows if Chevaghol follows the aims of aboleth-kind or her own eldritch purpose. Nevertheless, many mortals worship Chevaghol, for with her tides comes the dream of paradise and hope.

The gillmen of Tzim’chevaghol know her words to be false promises leading only to destruction. Many have turned from her voice at this knowledge; many more have doubled their prayers, ever hopeful that by her will the dawn may come at last.​


Events of Dragon Watch

​Season 1

The orc samurai, Katsutoshi Hayashi, informed Orin that an aboleth was scheming somewhere in the the Darklands. Katsutoshi intended to stop the aboleth’s schemes, with or without the party’s help, but agreed to grant the party time to find their own solution. Orin was then forced to reveal that his people worshipped an aboleth, and that the creature may or may not maintain some control over him even now.

In Nar Voth, the duergar Curego claimed to be under the thrall of the old one, who has conquered Kraggodere. Though they never found the aboleth in Nar Voth, they were led to believe that the aboleth was somehow involved in the shoggoth’s summoning.

​Season 2

Orin discovered missives, written in aboleth, on the bodies of Molthune’s General Lords. After rescuing Shalako in Crystalhurst, and speaking to Nochen Valmugen directly, he learned that the aboleth was in league with the lich as well as the dragon, Vellath the Green. Nochen also claimed that the Vanishing was the aboleth’s doing.​ After the war, Shalako discovered a triton city in Lake Encarthan – potential allies in the struggle against the aboleth.

​Season 3

Orin began an investigation of the triton city, discovering it to be protected by some magical force. He later found this force to originate from an Ustalavan city, Illmarsh.

While they investigated the vanishing of the Golka dwarves in Brevoy’s Golushkin Mountains, our heroes discovered that the dwarven city had been worshipping a “Prophet of the Sightless Sea.”

Our heroes came into direct confrontation with Chevaghol herself when they came to Illmarsh to investigate a dark ritual protecting the skum of Avalon Bay. Chevaghol defeated the Initiative in a short battle, before revealing that there were no skum, that the tritons were in fact her servants, and that she had destroyed the House of the Rising Tide while our heroes fought her.​


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