Amber Wallace

Female Gunslinger


​Amber Wallace is a Numerian gunslinger and an ally to our heroes. Hudson Graves met her in Skelt, where she was a captive of the Molthuni army. She joined Hudson in his journeys, and it eventually became clear that the two were both descendants of the original inhabitants of the Silver Mount.

She survived the Apocalypse and was reunited with Hudson when he came to Scrapwall to retrieve the Titanis. ​


​Amber was born in Hajoth Hakados to Old Gunslingers. Her parents were killed in a Technic League raid when she was only a baby, and she was taken in by Rond Wolfe. Rond took Amber with him to Torch, along with the Stone family, Mathias Stone (his brother) and Calia Stone. There they lived in peace for a time, until the Technic League again tracked them down. This time, Rond’s brother and sister in law were slain, and Rond and Amber were forced to flee yet again.

Amber and Rond fled to Port Ice in Brevoy, where Rond raised the young girl and taught her the ways of the Old Gunslingers. When she came of age, he gave her mother’s weapons to her: Castrovel and Akiton, a pair of revolvers. Rond kept Amber’s true identity a secret, claiming she was only an orphaned girl he had found on the road.

When Amber was a young woman, Rond was attacked by Technic League assassins on a visit to town. Hoping to draw the Technic League away from Amber, he fled, leaving her in the care of Domani Surtova, the only man in town who knew her identity. For her part, Amber was angry at Rond for what she perceived was abandonment. Nevertheless, she soon she set out to find Rond’s trail, eager to find answers from the man who abandoned her and – if she was lucky – find out why the Technic League had hunted down everyone she had ever loved.

Amber found Rond in Kraggodan, only it was too late. He had already died of a technovirus, leaving behind nothing but his weapon, the Star Cannon. Once Amber realized the Technic League was involved, she fled the city, determined to find his killers. What she found instead was an army of orcs coming to invade the dwarven city. Disturbed by the timing, she followed the orcs for some time. One night, they found her camp, and although she escaped, an orc captain made away with the Star Cannon.

While fleeing the orcs in the wilderness of Nirmathas, Amber fell into the hands of the Molthuni army. Fascinated with her weapons, Agard Habbraxis took her as a prisoner. When he conquered Skelt, he made her his first victim in the gulag. He tortured her to learn about her past, her abilities, and – most of all – how to use her weapons. She resisted this torture to the last, however, and told him nothing.​

Events of Dragon Watch

​After her rescue by Astrid Rogarvia, Amber joined up with our heroes and served as Hudson’s advisor. She fought with Hudson all through the Dead War and joined him during his expedition into Nochen Valmugen’s laboratory underneath Ramgate. She parted ways with our heroes briefly while they fought the lich, planting explosives in the wizard’s labs in order to keep his technology out of the hands of the invading armies.

After their confrontation with Chevaghol beneath Illmarsh, Amber changed her mind about technology. She decided to return to Fort Ramgate to study under Hibok Marbleaxe with the hopes of learning to repair the Titanis as well as develop more weapons with which to combat the aboleth.​

​Amber survived the Apoclypse and witnessed the fall of Kraggodan from distant Fort Ramgate. When she did not hear from Titanis or Hudson, she feared the worst. She fled north with Hibok, seeking Hudson. By the time she arrived in Numeria, several years later, she found nothing but a wasteland. Cut off from Hudson and with no clues as to his whereabouts or well-being, she fell in with a group of survivors huddling in the shelled remains of Scrapwall. There, she befriended the AI, Hellion, and worked to protect the town from the mutant Technic League that roamed the wasteland, as well as mad Kellid barbarians and other terrible beasts.

Eventually, she discovered Titanis, nearly dismantled at the hands of Kellid barbarians. After chasing off the gnoll mutants who had found it, she took it to Scrapwall, where she worked to restore power to the ship and revive the AI on board. But Scrapwall was a target for the Black Sovereign already, and if he knew the Titanis was there, he would stop at nothing to have her/ Amber knew her time was running out, and she began to plot her next move: a mad run to Port Ice, her hometown, and a settlement on the edge of one of the last rumored places of safety in Avistan: Brevoy.​

Amber was reunited with Hudson when he came to Scrapwall to retrieve the Titanis. Their reunion was short-lived, however, as they were soon forced to flee Scrapwall before the arrival of the Other God.

Amber Wallace

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