Orin's Father, Watchman


​The line of Alloroc is that of nobility, honor, and might. This power comes at the cost of slavery, for the blood of Azlant is bound to its old masters.​

Season One

Orin attempts to contact Arion using magic, but he finds no response​

Season Three

Majistra tells Orin that Arion left Tzim’chevaghol shortly after Orin departed.​

Season Four

​Arion comes to Fallen Skywatch and meets Hudson, who tells him of his son. He falls into despair and begins having visions of Orin’s return. Realizing he is hoping for a world that has already moved on, Arion retires to the Icerime River to live out his days. Orin finds him here upon arriving at Fallen Skywatch.​

Arion told Orin of the death of their people and his despair at being trapped in this future. As Orin prepared to right these wrongs, Arion revealed that Chevaghol was also dead. Her eyes, preserved by her living servants, may still persist, however. Kept in Tzim’chevaghol, they would offer incredible insight to anyone who held them: they would reveal Chevaghol’s memories, knowledge that could prove critical in her defeat should Orin find a way to return to the past.


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