Choral Rogarvia

The Conqueror; Founder of Brevoy


​Choral Rogarvia was the founder of the nation of Brevoy, who bent the knee of ancient Issia and conquered ancient Rostland with the aid of red dragons.​


​Choral Rogarvia was born without a name to a wilding in eastern Issia. He united various warring tribes under his banner of power as he grew. ​Eventually Choral allied himself with red dragons and within three years, his sizable armies marched into greater Issia. There he won the allegiance of Lord Nikos Sortova, after which he turned his attentions to the stubborn Rostland. The Aldori fought against Choral but were no match for his hordes of his dragons, and they fell before that winter.

Choral had two dragon rings crafted for his wedding, both as wedding bands and to symbolize Issia and the Rostland. He gave one to his Surtovan wife, and he wore the other until the day he entered the Gronzi Forest.​ ​In 4509, Choral disppeared, though legend held that he had traveled to the Gronzi Forest until he was needed again.​

Season Two

​Choral appears in Kraggodan, alive and well, and demands Astrid help him open the Observatory.​

Season Three

Choral revealed to Astrid that he had returned from the Gronzi Forest as mysteriously as he entered it, only to find his ancestors vanished, his kingdom in turmoil, and Skywatch sealed. He had traveled to Stoneclimb, where he learned from Gurev Medvyed that one of his ancestors still lived: Astrid. He sought her out, hoping to find some key to the Vanishing, and quickly determined that he would need to locate the Book of Stars to open Skywatch. He departed from Astrid to begin his search, but told her he would return, and that he would need her help.

True to his word, Choral did return – in time to save Thorgur from the toppling Raven’s Tower in Kraggodan. After our heroes escaped from the city, Choral gave Astrid a cipher that he believed would be necessary to find the Book of Stars – his only lead so far. He asked her to meet him in Stoneclimb in about a month’s time and departed once more atop his dragon, Aszrogal.

Astrid rendezvoused with Choral in Stoneclimb, finding him overjoyed, believing her to be at last takiing his own quest seriously. He took her and her companions to Skywatch, and showed her his latest find: a series of mysterious runes.​

Choral later met Astrid in New Stetven, where he told her of her destiny to rule Brevoy as its rightful Queen. Understanding her reluctance, Choral declared his intention to reveal his identity to Noleski Surtova, claim the throne, and rule in her stead until such time that she would become Queen herself.

Choral Rogarvia

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