Malam Fol

Time Dragon


​Malam Fol is a powerful time dragon and member of the Rostland Astronomers. Malam was the founder of the Watchmen, a group of time-traveling champions who fought the Dominion of the Black across the ages. He was also Kelvennan Duskwalker’s eidolon for a time, although he took on the form of a violet winged panther when aiding Kel.​


Episodes 1-56

Malam fought with Kel during our heroes’ adventures in Kraggodan and the Darklands below.​ ​Malam departed with Kel after the Battle of Skelt, leading the half-elf to Crystalhurst. Once in the druid village, Malam revealed himself to be the leader of the Watchmen, who guides them through dreams. ​Malam was then captured by the Technic League during their attack on Crystalhurst and bound to the Material Plane by their arcanists. He was then taken on a long journey towards distant Numeria.​ Although he was eventually rescued by our heroes, his treatment during his capture had left him with mortal wounds. He “died”, torn forever from his bond with Kelvennan Duskwalker, and returned to his own plane of existence somewhere in the Multiverse.

In the future, the Initiative met Rhodin Skyking, who revealed more of Malam’s true nature. Malam had been his guardian, a time dragon who brought him to Castle Ouroboros. Astrid’s reunion with her mother also reminded her of previous encounters with the creature – once thought dreams, she then realized were memories. Malam, it seemed, had drawn Astrid away from her family during the Vanishing, ensuring she did not travel into the future with her people.

The Initiative resolved to find a way to Castle Ouroboros and confront Malam – perhaps even force him to help them return to the past.

Malam Fol

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