Kel's Mystical Summoned Beast


Malam is the eidolon of Kelvannan Duskwalker and a creature native to some other plane. He maintains an illustrious nightlife as the spiritual guide of the Watchmen.


Events of Dragon Watch

​Season One

Malam fought with Kel during our heroes’ adventures in Kraggodan and the Darklands below.​

Season Two

​Malam departed with Kel after the Battle of Skelt, leading the half-elf to Crystalhurst. Once in the druid village, Malam revealed himself to be the leader of the Watchmen, who guides them through dreams.​

Season Three

​Malam was captured by the Technic League during their attack on Crystalhurst and bound to the Material Plane by their arcanists. He was then taken on a long journey towards distant Numeria.​ Although he was eventually rescued by our heroes, his treatment during his capture had left him with mortal wounds. He “died”, torn forever from his bond with Kelvennan Duskwalker, and returned to his own plane of existence somewhere in the Multiverse.


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