Elizabeth Saewe


​General Lady Elizabeth Saewe was a traitor to Molthune and saved the lives of her people thereby. When the fog of death lifted from Fort Ramgate, the traitor became a hero. Saewe has ruled Fort Ramgate with wisdom and courage since.​



Elizabeth Saewe was one of Molthune’s General Lords before the rise of the Imperial Wizard, Nochen Valmugen. She resisted his rise to power, but her appointment as commander of Fort Ramgate in 4708 gave her other things to worry – namely, keeping an eye on the Nirmathan raiding parties that plagued Molthune’s western border. However, when the Imperial Wizard was himself assigned to Fort Ramgate, Elizabeth soon found cause to worry again about the necromancer’s strange rise to power.

Eventually, she discovered Nochen’s horrible experiments in the laboratories beneath Fort Ramgate. When Canorate refused to hear her objections, she decided to take drastic measures to save her people and her nation. Thus, her career as a Molthuni General Lady ended, when Elizabeth Saewe found herself running General Lord Resket’s blockade against Tamran, hoping to enlist the aid of Nirmathas’ Forest Marshal, Weslen Gavirk.​

Events of Dragon Watch

Season One

Elizabeth Saewe was tracked by Nochen, who revealed her attempt to General Resket. She was captured as she attempted to pass through the Molthuni blockade around Tamran. Tamran itself surrendered shortly thereafter. She was then imprisoned in Teldas Keep with Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk, to whom she was able to deliver her warning and her plea for help after all. It appeared too late for them both, however.​

Season Two

When our heroes came to rescue Forest Marshal Gavirk, he asked them to set Elizabeth free as well. Having done so, she revealed the truth of Fort Ramgate to them and promised her support in deposing the mad Imperial Wizard, Nochen Valmugen. She later served on the war council of the Battle of Fort Ramgate.

Her role in ridding Molthune of Nochen’s dark influence won her the popular support of her people, particularly those in Fort Ramgate. When the city was re-established as a shared and de-militarized outpost of trade and diplomacy, Elizabeth was nominated for – and won – the position of Lady Governor.​

Season Three

When Kraggodan fell to the militaristic General Hadtok Ravenguard, Elizabeth called for Fort Ramgate to re-militarize, albeit jointly. She made it the station of the government-in-exile of Kraggodan, a home away from home for dwarves fleeing Ravenguard’s rule. Fort Ramgate prospered under her leadership, and she took care to unite the interests of Nirmathas, Molthune, and Kraggodan, who now began to see Fort Ramgate as the center of diplomacy.​

Elizabeth Saewe

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