Fin Godtouched

Human Oracle (Deceased)


Race: Human Class: Oracle Age: Physical Description: Abilities: Fin's signature ability is the magical wings of flight he uses to stay above the battlefield and out of trouble while supporting his allies with the blessings of Shelyn.


h5. In the Walls of Ramgate In the war's opening moments, Fin led away Commander Mera Corby's army from an ambush near Skelt. They fled to Kraggodan, where he led the Mindspin Hammers with Bodrut Greathammer to victory in the Battle of the Thunder Plain. Afterwards, he led both Corby and Kraggodan's newest champions back to his hometown, to liberate it from the evil General Habbraxis. Once back in the city, Fin found he had attained a bit of fame in his absence. Skelt rebels whispered of the "savior in the sky", referring to his flight that saved Mera Corby's army, and they rallied around his presence during the battle. The dread wraith haunting Skelt suffered at the hands of Fin and his spells, and Fin played a critical role in the creature's final defeat at the fallen statue of Irgal Nirmath. Fin then led his allies against the General Lord of Molthune, Agard Habbraxis, and executed the general for his crimes after the battle. Fin fell during the battle against the final Canorate Covenant members.

Fin Godtouched

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