Folson Earthbreaker

Kraggodan Commander of the Darklands


Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric

Army: Last Light
Army Boon:

  • Hold the Line: If the army fails a Morale check to avoid a rout, it may reroll that check. It must accept the results of the second check, even if it is worse.

Folson is the Commander of the Last Light, the Kraggodan army tasked to patrol Nar Voth. He’s often seen as a little out of his mind, perhaps from spending one too many nights in the Darklands. Regardless, no one has ever questioned his leadership.

Since the path to Nar Voth was re-sealed in anticipation of the orc invasion, Folson has committed his men to the battle above ground.

Folson Earthbreaker

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