Gurev Medvyed

Lord of House Medvyed


​Lord Gurev Medyed is head of House Medvyed of Brevoy. His preferred pastimes include hunting, riding, and feasting with his favorite men. He is also a doting family man.​

Season Two

Gurev's life changed markedly when another Rogarvian appeared on his door, this time the unlikely Choral the Conqueror. Unable to doubt the man's wild story, Gurev took him in and hid his presence from the rest of Brevoy, lest Rogarvia's enemies be waiting.​

Season Three

Astrid was reunited with Gurev Medvyed, having left Brevoy nearly two years prior, when she returned to Stoneclimb. Gurev was overjoyed to see her and gave her and her companions a warm welcome. He also gave Astrid something even more precious than a warm hearth: a letter written her by her parents before the Vanishing, and a clue to the Book of Stars sought after by Choral and Astrid both.​


Gurev Medvyed was raised by strong women, which was fortunate, for he eventually raised nearly a dozen of them in his mountain home of Stoneclimb. As a child and teen, he spent his days riding and touring the country during the beautiful summers, and running the halls of Stoneclimb during the harsh (and long) winters.
Gurev married a noblewoman from Highdelve when he was 20, named Elys Wyne, and their marriage lasted until her death. Warm and full of love that they passed onto their children, their relationship was kind and compassionate. 
Gurev's life changed forever in 4699, when House Rogarvia disappeared in a terrible event known as the Vanishing. Yet it was not as startling as what showed up on his doorstep the morning after: a bright-eyed 5 year old with no memory of how she got there, and only a single book and letter to her name. Gurev and Elys named her Astrid, and soon learned the truth: she was the only child of House Rogarvia and had inexplicably escaped the Vanishing. Ever since, Gurev raised Astrid as his own daughter, telling the world that she was the daughter of a distant (and dead) friend. No one would know the truth, save for Elys and Larissa.
When Poul Orlovsky was arrested and charged with treason, Gurev felt compelled to act – but he had little to act on. When Dmitri Orlovsky began to call for war, Gurev demurred.

Gurev Medvyed

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