Hadtok Ravenguard

High General of the Kraggodan Militia


Class: Paladin
Army Boons:

  • Bloodied but Unbroken: +1 OM when at half HP or less.
  • Flexible Tactics: +5 Morale to change tactics during a round.
  • Loyalty: +2 Morale

Hadtok Ravenguard is the General in Kraggodan.


Hadtok Ravenguard is the General of the Kraggodan Militia. He has grown to trust the strange group of outsiders who went to battle for his people in Nar Voth against the shoggoth. Famously, Hadtok grew up in the Rat’s Nest and, thus, is often seen as sympathetic to the plight of all classes of citizen in Kraggodan.

Hadtok Ravenguard personally fought against the orc invasion at the gates to the Mindspin Mountains with the party.

Hadtok Ravenguard

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