​Years ago, the charismatic Obadiah came to Baytown. Though he was an outsider, he showed a strength the people of Baytown wanted for themselves. Under his watch, Illmarsh has withdrawn its borders but also grown in significance. He is both feared and adored in equal measure.​


​Obadiah, or, as he was known in Tzim’chevaghol, Hagen, was a sorcerer and member of the elder council in the gillman community. When Chevaghol fled after her encounter with Orin, Hagen fell on the side of those in the council who wanted to banish him, though Orin eventually left of his own accord.​

Events of Dragon Watch

​Season 3

Obadiah, the owner and president of Illmarsh’s Obadiah & Sons, was revealed to be Hagen during his confrontation with Orin. He had intended to bring an army of his “sons” – aquatic human hybrids – to the surface world, using Illmarsh as his staging point. Orin dispelled Hagen’s ambition with a fireball.​


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