AI, Guardian of Scrapwall


​Hellion is an artifical intelligence and the Iron God of Scrapwall. It sought to protect the survivors of the Apocalypse in its broken city, and its priests worked to repair the Titanis.​ It traveled with the party during the flight across the Numerian Wastelands with Titanis.


​When the Silver Mount collapsed, Hellion realized Unity was gone. This new order of affairs re-ordered Hellion’s priorities – in other words, it recognized it was alone on the world, the sole AI. Additionally, it now faced threats more dire to it than Unity had ever posed. Overnight, it converted its worshippers (those who survived) to a new way: preservation, dedication, and remembrance. It turned Scrapwall into a fortress and began to draw in survivors – including Amber Wallace and, eventually, the broken Benjamin Holt.

When Amber later came to Hellion with word of Titanis’ captivity at the hands of the mad Black Sovereign, Hellion knew it stood to make a powerful enemy if it attempted a rescue. Nevertheless, it completed the task, ensuring the remnants of the Technic League would forever seek to destroy Scrapwall. More critically, it brought Titanis to safety, granting Hellion a chance to come into a contact with a mind much like its own, for the first time in its operation. If successful, the two AI would pose a dire threat to the Other Gods – and perhaps they could even collaborate on a method to destroy them.​

Events of Dragon Watch

Hellion provided sanctuary to Amber Wallace, Hibok Marbleaxe, Rok the Wary, and later Benjamin Holt, as they fled the destruction of the End of Stars. When it came time to flee Scrapwall, Hellion left with the party aboard Hibok’s war rig, using its own programs to restore Titanis’ database and resurrect the AI.


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