Howlan Garess

Lord of House Garess


​Lord Garess is master of House Garess and Grayhaven. He has fallen into a pit of grief since his son perished in the Golushkin Mountains.​


​Howlan Garess was an honorable man. Tough, as many of the north are, his bannermen were loyal, and he ruled over Grayhaven and Highdelve with honor. His own son was a ward of the Golka dwarves in nearby Golushkin, while the Golka chief’s son, Toval, was ward to Howlan.

When a portion of the mountain collapsed at the time of the Vanishing, hundreds died, crushed in the calamity or trapped within the mountain – including Howlan’s son. Though he dispatched several expeditions to recover survivors, he refused once he saw the danger the mountain still posed.

Howlan soon withdrew into grief and fell into a deep depression. He abolished almost all trade routes to Grayhaven and locked himself with his castle, where he brooded in despair at the devastation. The locals began referring to this air of discomfort as “Howlan’s Grief.”​

​Season Three

Our heroes met Howlan in Grayhaven’s castle, finding the man despondent and withdrawn. When they told him of their intention to enter the Golushkin Mountains and make contact with the dwarves there, he revealed that the dwarves had disappeared when the mountain collapsed – an event concurrent with the Vanishing in Skywatch. He granted our heroes explicit permission to enter the mountain and see what they might find.​

Howlan returned to his senses after the Great Forge’s destruction. Upon discovering Toval’s part in the corruption of the Golka, and his ill intent for Grayhaven, Howlan executed his adopted son. He was exceptionally grateful to Astrid and her friends for their role.

Howlan Garess

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