Iogan Greathammer

King of Kraggodan




King Iogan is ruler of Kraggodan.

He ordered the Darklands sealed after his son, Gorin, returned from an expedition and wrote a strange report.

Although he was resistant to letting the party into the Darklands at first, he soon relented.

Iogan appears to be an even-handed but firm king. He is an ally to the party, valuing their service to his city.

He would not, however, allow the party to enter the Rat’s Nest after the war with Molthune began, insisting they had their own tasks to follow that did not involve them.

After the Battle of the Thunder Plain, he ordered all of the armies of Kraggodan to the eastern front, exposing the city to direct attack by orcs from the west.

Iogan Greathammer

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