​The bond between Iskaron and Rogarvia was ​forged in blood, but it was not respected by all its members. Humility is necessary for partnership, and the dragons were often proud.

Events of Dragon Watch

Season Three

​Irthelia traveled to Absalom to introduce herself to Astrid Rogarvia and submit herself as Astrid’s draconic companion, as per Rogarvian tradition. Astrid was less than amused at this unwanted advance, and Irthelia found herself unable to acclimate to Astrid’s rugged lifestyle and violent disposition. While the Initiative camped near Hajoth Hakados to ambush the Technic League, Irthelia and Astrid parted, a mutual desire for both to pursue their own lives apart from that architected by Choral Rogarvia and Aszrogal. And so Irthelia returned to Brevoy.​

Season Four

​Irthelia came to Skywatch, along with a host of Iskaron dragons, when she learned of Astrid’s return. When she returned, she bore the Dragon Watch, and laid it at Astrid’s feet.​ She dedicated herself and her Iskaron wing to Astrid’s services, promising to transport them anywhere they should need to go. When Astrid requested to travel to distant Tzim’chevaghol, Irthelia instead took our heroes to reunite with Kelvennan Duskwalker in the Icerime Peaks, who could teleport them there.

Irthelia departed for Skywatch to gather reinforcements for Titanis’ rescue. Before leaving, she gave Astrid the Horn of Iskar, ensuring she could hear Astrid’s call for help anywhere on Golarion.​


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