Isaak Orlovsky


​Youngest son of Poul Orlovsky and childhood friend of Astrid Rogarvia.​


​Isaak was a shy child, staying in his older brother's shadow, but intelligent and mindful. Preferring to read, stay indoors playing chess, he liked to peruse the Waerham library at Stoneclimb when he could. Thus he met the young girl, Astrid, shortly after she arrived in the city.

While not as athletic as Astrid, Isaak was still trained in a fighting style to appease his father, and she managed to get him out of the house now and then so the two of them could cause some mischief. They'd sneak around outside of Skywatch and try to see inside its walls. It never worked, but they liked to imagine what could be inside. Since it closed the day her family vanished, Astrid always saw it as an obstacle to truth and answers, and knew that they would be just on the other side of those walls.​

​As Isaak age, his responsibilities grew in excess of Astrid's. When he was 16, he was sent away for a 5-year diplomatic mission to Andoran. His parting with Astrid was bitter-sweet.​

​Isaak conducted himself with honor in Andoran, establishing trade and diplomatic ties to the government there.​ He was recalled by his brother Dmitri two years early, however, when their father was arrested on charges of treason.

Season Three

Astrid was reunited with Isaak on her journey to Stoneclimb, years ahead of any expectation of seeing the boy again. The reunion was bittersweet when Isaak revealed the reason for his early return: his father had been arrested and charged with treason, and his brother was clamoring for war against Surtova.​

The reunion was short-lived, however, as Astrid’s mission took her away from Stoneclimb to Skywatch and Grayhaven. Before departing for Grayhaven, however, she accepted an invitation to dinner from Isaak. The two young friends swapped stories of their time apart for the evening, and Isaak ended by asking for Astrid to travel with him to New Stetven within the week to speak to his father – and King Noleski Surtova.​

Astrid met him there, where Isaak was reluctant to act until he knew the truth behind his father’s activities.

Isaak Orlovsky

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