Katsutoshi Hayashi

Blademaster Watchman


This strange orc identified himself as a Watchman and an ally of Hogon. He has tasked the party with opening the way to the Darklands, or else he will attempt to do so himself – at the side of the orc invasion.

According to Katsutoshi, the orc army will invade during the coming winter, in the month of Kuthona.

He also revealed the existence of a strange and powerful creature known as an aboleth, working in the Darklands. He believes it is a threat that must be stopped at any cost.

Once you obtained access to the Darklands, Katsutoshi volunteered to follow you inside.

Katsutoshi identified the Dragon Watch to the party after Astrid activated it to destroy the shoggoth. He noted that it had elected Orin as a mythic hero and Watchman: the Aboleth Caller.

In the Walls of Ramgate

His samurai participated in the war with Molthune by acting as quick-moving scouts. Afterwards, he accompanied the party to Skelt to assist in its liberation, and later also to Crystalhurst.

Katsutoshi Hayashi

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