​Majistra is Orin's mother and the leader of the Tzim'chevaghol refugees at the House of the Cresting Wave.​



Arion’s Disappearance and Absalom

​Arion disappeared shortly after Orin fled Absalom. Fearing the implications of her husband’s disappearance after Chevaghol’s rejection of the town, Majistra urged her son, Shalako, to take those warriors sympathetic to Orin north. Her hope was that Shalako could find Orin, and that the gillmen of Tzim’chevaghol would prove a boon to Orin on his quest. Majistra meanwhile gathered together those gillmen unable to fight, as well as a handful of other warriors, and fled Tzim’chevaghol for Absalom, for the House of the Cresting Wave.

Majistra and her people found succor in Absalom’s House of the Cresting Wave, and from there, Majistra continued her search for her missing husband. After many years of fruitless searching, however, she finally allowed herself to grieve her husband’s passing, accepting that he had died, perhaps at the hands of Chevaghol.

Majistra’s leadership and latent arcane powers won her much respect in Absalom. She quickly found herself invited to the otherwise-private Councils of the Tides, though she could not hold a position on the council herself, and her friendship with her son’s friend, Captain Abelard Townsend of the Absalom Wave Riders, also gained her notoriety in the city proper.​

Events of Dragon Watch

Season Three

During his training at the Arcanamirium, Orin stayed with his mother at the House of the Cresting Wave. Although overjoyed to have one of her sons back at her side, Majistra was nevertheless put off by Orin’s determination to destroy Chevaghol at any cost.​


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