Man in Black


​Three riders in black rode from Starfall to execute the Black Sovereign’s will. They were led by a man whose identity remained a mystery to his enemies and called no man or woman his friend. Legend says he was the quickest draw in the Inner Sea and once killed a gunslinger from Nex before the man could even touch his holster. Whatever his purpose, whoever he is, the Man in Black is feared as much by the Technic League he serves as the prey he hunts.​


Season Two

​While they encamped in Fort Ferrodan before the Battle of Tamran, Hudson met a strange rider dressed in black. The rider warned Hudson to flee Avistan and never return before disappearing into the night.​

Season Three

​After a bounty hunter failed to capture Astrid in Kraggodan, our heroes learned of the Man in Black operating in the area. They tricked the Man in Black and his riders into meeting the bounty hunter, whereupon the attempted to ambush them. Although they killed one of the riders with Titanis, the Man in Black escaped.

Afterwards, our heroes later learned from Kelvennan Duskwalker, the Man in Black and his remaining rider rejoined the Technic League and traveled east, stopping in Korholm before taking a boat into Lake Encarthan into an unknown destination – though they surmised his ultimate goal was Numeria, as he took with him a prisoner: Malam.​


Man in Black

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