Thorgur Fireborn

Dwarf Barbarian


Thorgur Lightshammer is the son of a dwarven noble in Kraggodan and once a member of the elite Raven’s Guard. Now an exile from his own home, Thorgur was betrayed by his one-time general, Hadtok Ravenguard, and now fights with fury over faith.


“When ”/characters/torag" class=“wiki-content-link”>Torag blessed the Dwarven people and brought them from the darkness into the light, it was the Lightshammer clan that led our people fearlessly from the Darklands. Since then we have maintained constant vigil and service to our lord Torag. Our family has provided servants for Torag since the beginning and we will continue until Torag deems our service no longer necessary. Faith. Family. Fealty. It is our way.”

Thorgur was born the fourth child, third son of Belthic Lightshammer, patriarch of Lightshammer clan, and his wife Erra. As was done for all of his previous children, Belthic spent the entirety of the labor in the forge, praying to Torag for a safe birth for his wife, and for a healthy child. His piety had paid off for both.

Throgur grew up in the family’s modest estate, surrounded by symbols of Torag, his humorless parents, and the ever present faithful servants that were the Lightshammer clan. His studying came from his uncle Bikrin, a priest of Torag. Bikrin ensured that Thorgur was well versed in the tenants of their faith. Thorgur was infused with the knowledge that as long as his faith didn’t waiver, he would have the power or Torag on his side. Thorgur worked in the forge as soon as he could walk. His youth was spent being taught martial combat skills from the various warriors in his family, faith in the forge from his uncle, and that Torag’s service was the purpose of his life.

Thorgur was inducted into service of his family and faith at an early age. His father was harsh, ensuring that each of his children would fulfill their purpose for the family. Belthic sat the young Thorgur down one day and explained his purpose. “Thorgur,” he said, “Your eldest brother Berbak is in line for patriarch of this family. He is a capable warrior, personable with the other families, and he will take over the estate at the time of my death.” “Your brother Danur has been selected for the priesthood. He will continue his training under your uncle Bikrin.” “Your sister is already a shield-maiden, serving our lord Torag in the ranks of Kraggodan’s guards. Soon your mother and I will find her a suitable husband. One who shares our beliefs and has not strayed from Torag’s way like many of the other noble houses have.” “That leaves you, boy.” “You will serve your family and Torag as a warrior. You will provide honor and prestige to our family name or die in your attempt. Evil and darkness maintain a constant vigil in these lands and in the darklands below us. You will combat that evil until your last breath. The greater champion of Torag you prove to be, the better our family can bring Kraggodan back into the light of Torag’s forge.”

Thorgur accepted his fate with vigor. Still a child by dwarven standards, he began training in the Kraggodan guards, thanks to the tutelage of his sister. He excelled in combat and would often be found ranging with other units so that he could continue to test his abilities. His capability caught the eye of Folson Earthbreaker who wished to test the young Dwarf’s combat prowess and faith in the face of true evil in the depths of the darklands.

Thorgur was the youngest member of the ten man squad when he went into the darklands for the first time. The patrol was supposed to be standard and low risk; searching for scouts and wandering beasts that had ranged too close to foot of Kraggodan. The mission turned out to be far more than that.

The ambush caught the unit off-guard. Two dwarves fell before the rest knew what was going on. The drow raiders poured from the darkness to finish off the patrol. Thorgur pulled his Warhammer, raised his shield, yelled a prayer to Torag and charged into the enemy. The rest of the patrol took heart at the young Dwarf accepting certain death with no fear and followed him into the charge. The dwarven line embraced the attack of the drow making the enemy pay for each step. Thorgur was a blur of blocking shield and swinging hammer set to the cadence of praise and prayer. The rest of the patrol joined in prayers they had not thought about for years.

When the drow broke and fled, five dwarves were left, but two wouldn’t survive their wounds. Thorgur dropped to one knee, bowed his head, and prayed “Torag, may the light of your forge burn bright with this sacrifice of evil we have provided for you.” The dwarves that could knelt with Thorgur, feeling a sense of faith that hadn’t been seen for a long time in Kraggodan. Those that were alive piled the scores of drow corpses as a reminder of the power Torag’s chosen held over the dark and its denizens. They then formed stretchers for the dead and dying and began the walk back, singing hymns the entire way.

Thorgur’s faith was a cornerstone for his unit and the units he would be part of in the future. He was a bastion of faith causing those around him to be immune to fear and strengthened in their endeavors both in the darklands and against their enemies above ground.

Spending several decades in Kraggodan’s armies, Thorgur was typically insulated from the petty politics of the noble families vying for power and position in Kraggodan. After a particularly bloody mission, Thorgur performed his ritual of going to the forge and praising his God through the meticulous upkeep of his equipment. After leaving the forge he went home where his father was entertaining someone of great importance. “Come here, Thorgur”, his father beckoned. Sitting across from his father was General Ravenguard. “Thorgur,” his father said, “you know all too well how many of our people have strayed from Torag’s light. We fight amongst ourselves for worldly wealth and power instead of adhering to the rigorous tenents of Torag’s will. Our family has sacrificed both wealth and power so that we may live by these tenants. It is time that we bring our brethren back into our Lord’s embrace. General Ravenguard is of a same mind as we are and he is here to invite you to join the Anvil Guard. You will accept this position. This will put you into a place near those that are powerful. With patience, we will give this city back to Torag and take it from the sheep who have lost their way.” “Of course father,” said Thorgur, turning to the General “Sir, what are my orders?”

As a member of the Anvilguard, Thorgur continues to distinguish himself. He does not care about glory but was told by his father, his General, and more increasingly, his eldest brother, that distinguishing himself would allow him to get into a better position of knowledge and, should he be called upon, to be an instrument of change that the Dwarves of Kraggodan desperately need. Thorgur continues to obey.​

Episodes 1-55

Thorgur allied himself with the heroes of Nar Voth during the Dead War. Ravenguard tasked Thorgur with aiding the party before they left Kraggodan for Crystalhurst. Thorgur ventured with our heroes during their excursion to Crystalhurst, committing himself amicably and soon joining the band proper. ​

Thorgur received a missive from the General commanding him to make contact with an Anvilguard in Fort Ferrodan, Himrus Nightfell. Thorgur encouraged his brother to join in the liberation of Tamran. ​

Thorgur was able to discover lost spells within Kraggodan’s archives that allowed him to definitively destroy the Lich in his planetarium beneath Fort Ramgate.​

Thorgur speaks at a moot council where he laid out accusations of the Greathammers’ deal with the Hollow Men, and the Skyking’s criminal grip on Kraggodan’s merchants. He proposed a new king instead, in his brother, Berbak Lightshammer. After the council, his general, Hadtok Ravenguard, tasked him with proving his accusations and finding the truth behind the noble families’ conspiracies. Thorgur traveled to the Rat’s Nest with his companions and there discovered the truth of the Hollow Men and the shame of Iogan Greathammer, who had turned his back on their vigil. Thorgur found evidence of the Greathammers condoning the Hollow Men and acknowledging the second Darklands portal in the Nest.

In the end, however, Thorgur found himself merely a pawn, as Hadtok Ravenguard used the conspiracy to establish martial law. When Thorgur discovered the truth of Ravenguard’s plans, he confronted the general atop the Raven’s Tower, only to learn the depths of the betrayal. He barely escaped the destruction of the tower but was rescued by Choral Rogarvia astride Aszrogal. He begged the dragon rider to return him to Kraggodan so he could confront his father, and there his wound deepened, for even his father was a part of this conspiracy. Betrayed and broken, Thorgur killed his father in a rage, then prepared to accept the end. When guards discovered the scene, they struck Thorgur, and he fell into black.

Choral later returned to the Titanis in the outskirts of Kraggodan with an unconscious Thorgur in tow.​

Thorgur was taken to Fort Ramgate, where he soon disappeared. He returned to the party later, telling of a journey in the Mindspin Mountains that ended with communion with the fire giant, Hogon. Hogon gave Thorgur his flaming sword and returned him to the party in a ball of fire. Thorgur had been cast into flames and emerged with new purpose. The old Thorgur was dead; the new Thorgur had been born anew.​

After helping to fight and destroy the corrupt Golka Council beneath the Golushkin Mountains, Hogon’s weapon, the Sword of On, engulfed Thorgur in flames, ascending the dwarf to mythic power.

Following Hogon’s last fiery vision, Thorgur returned to his companions. He revealed some of what he had seen to the group, and Orin in particular found Hogon’s prophecy of a world drowned in the waves of the Sightless Sea disturbing in particular. His path again aligned with our heroes, Thorgur soon found himself in distant Brevoy, farther from his homeland than he had ever been before. Yet home found him again, even there and much to his surprise, when he found ancient dwarven runes on the sealed walls of Skywatch. Following Astrid into the depths of the Golushkin Mountains, whose Golka dwarves had disappeared the same day as Astrid’s family, Thorgur was confronted with a most unsettling revelation. Here he found an entire city of dwarves who had turned from the worship of Torag to worship something evil and perverse. And yet Thorgur also found traces of a band of dwarves who remained loyal to the mountain, even to the end, and with the last vestiges of his dying faith, Thorgur was able to activate ancient runes deep beneath Golushkin. Once done, the path to the great Anvil within Golushkin was opened, and Thorgur led the charge within to slay the corrupt Council of Golka, who toiled at the Anvil in worship of some nameless Prophet – and her Sightless Sea.

Though he believed he had fulfilled the prophecy told to him by Hogon and staved off this corruption within Brevoy, Thorgur yet remained with the company. He traveled with Orin to Illmarsh, where he became the voice of reason to Orin’s anger against needless bloodshed. And he returned to Fort Ramgate with Hudson Graves to hone his own training in preparation for what would come next.​

​Episode 56: Children of the Sightless Sea – Part One

Thorgur worshipped within a forge chapel of Torag for the first time in decades.​

Thorgur Fireborn

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