Nochen Valmugen

Bone Sage of Eox



Nochen Valmugen was a lich and powerful necromancer who, through conspiracy, drove Molthune to war against Nirmathas. Though he sought his own secret aims, he was opposed by our heroes. They conquered him at last during the Battle of Fort Ramgate, destroying his phylactery and banishing the lich for good.

His Cult of Bone, living and undead beings who followed Nochen’s nihilistic vision, was a primary force in the Dead War between Molthune and Nirmathas. They would later appear in Astrid’s homeland of Brevoy, but our heroes rooted them out and ended their threat, permanently.


​Nochen can inhabit many bodies, but his “true form” takes the appearance of a silver-haired human male in his 50’s, with a long, black robe trimmed with bone, and a baby dragon’s skull hooded over his head. A dark staff of ebony, carved with bones and skulls and spider symbols, is in one hand.​


A mysterious wizard with unknown origins, Nochen rose to power in the decades prior to the Dead War. Nochen’s first step was to establish his own position within the power structure of Molthune’s military. To this end, he sent one of his most trusted servants, Rondulus, to join the Molthuni military as an officer. During a social event, Rondulus was able to poison the Imperial Governor Markwin Teldas’ wife with a terrible disease. Nochen was then able to emerge, nearly a decade later, and offer a cure. Having gained the trust of the governor, Nochen then sought out a vulnerable soul: General Lord Agard Habbraxis, victim of the initial Nirmathas rebellion and deeply scarred after the Battle of Deadeye’s Gulch. Convincing the General Lord to support a war was easy. And when Teldas’ oldest son came down with the same disease (“much harder to cure in the young”), Nochen found himself indisposable to the empire. He was nominated as Imperial Wizard on 15 Lamashan in the year 4702. With Chevaghol’s own alien mind influencing much of the rest of the war council, it was not long before Molthune was secretly preparing for an all-out war.

One of Nochen’s objectives during this time was to recover the Titanis from beneath Skelt in order to strip it of technology for his experiments.​

Season One

A Molthuni ambassador to Kraggodan revealed himself to be the wizard, Nochen. After threatening Panera, he was killed by Orin, but revealed on his death that he had other bodies to spare. Orin quickly deduced that the wizard was, in fact, a lich.​

Season Two

Nochen led vast undead armies on behalf of Molthune. In Skelt, our heroes encountered him yet again in yet another body, this time as an advisor to the Molthuni-placed mayor. Our heroes encountered him one final time in Crystalhurst, where he cast the Fangwood Forest into the Plane of Shadow. He also revealed to Astrid that he had been conspiring with the aboleth, Chevaghol, to destroy her family during the Vanishing. ​Nochen Valmugen was finally destroyed by Hudson Graves and Thorgur Lightshammer during the Battle of Fort Ramgate, when our heroes stormed his inner sanctum.

Season Three

Astrid and her allies uncovered the Cult of Bone beneath the Golushkin Mountains, where they had established a foothold. They traced the cult back to New Stetven, uncovering a conspiracy within the highest ranks of the Brevoy nobility to undermine the nation and instigate a civil war. Astrid was able to put an end to this conspiracy, thus freeing Brevoy – and perhaps all of Golarion – from Nochen’s grip for good.​

Season Four

Valourax revealed that Nochen Valmugen was a bone sage of Eox, a powerful lich of ancient origin who had commanded an undead army on a distant world. Nochen had come to Golarion aboard a corpse ship, but Valourax had lost contact with his master many years before. As a result, the Frozen Heart of Orphys fell to Orin’s command.​


Nochen Valmugen

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