Elf Oracle


Panera gained the friendship of Bolo Rockfeather after rescuing him in the Mindspin Mountains.

She obtained the Stone of the Old King from Curego in the Darklands.

After returning to Kraggodan, she was confronted by a mad necromancer named Nochen Valmugen, who claimed to have resurrected her from the dead and become her patron. Orin killed Nochen – so it seemed – before the wizard could do anything to Panera, but he left her with a chilling taunt – that he was not dead, and that she would be his!

In the Walls of Ramgate

Panera snuck into Skelt to find Nochen, whose presence she sensed in the city. She came upon him during a confrontation with the party and destroyed his latest body with her fire spells.


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