Rarrel Greathammer

Queen-In-Exile of Kraggodan


​Rarrel Greathammer, the great queen-in-exile, does not take much after her father, and so she remains loved by her people. The wonder of her newfound power, however, is greatly overshadowed by the loss of Kraggodan to the corrupt agents of the dark. ​



​Rarrel Greathammer, once first-princess of Kraggodan, is now the queen-in-exile of the Kraggodan loyalists taking refuge in Fort Ramgate from the reign of High General Hadtok Ravenguard. Fiercely loyal to her people, Rarrel is known for both her prowess in battle as well as her skill in statecraft.​


​The Rule of Ravenguard

Rarrel established her rule as queen-in-exile in Fort Ramgate after a moot held by the dwarves there. While not officially recognized by the Nirmathan or Molthuni governments, she was allowed to govern the dwarves of Fort Ramgate by both nations. She refused to recognize High General Ravenguard or his new king, and she turned down High General Ravenguard’s monthly emissary’s demands for fealty and tax.​

Events of Dragon Watch

​Season Three

Rarrel Greathammer was placed under house arrest with her family during High General Hadtok Ravenguard’s martial law. She was saved by the Initiative and escaped the city with the rest of the dwarven refugees.

Thorgur returned to Fort Ramgate to find Rarrel had been coronated as queen-in-exile by a moot held by the dwarves in there, leaving Iogan disgraced. Rarrel had also assumed command of the dwarves in Fort Ramgate still loyal to Kraggodan. She had already set in motion an audacious plan to dig a siege tunnel to the dwarven kingdom, from which she might launch an invasion to liberate the sky citadel.​

Rarrel Greathammer

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