Thaldi Hulfison

Cleric of Shelyn


Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric (Shelyn)
Age: 206 years
Physical Description: Wears a plain white robe with a multi-colored sashed tied around his waist. Bespectacled.
Abilities: None exceptional.


In the year 4686, Thaldi woke up one morning to find a new companion thrust upon him, the young Fin Godtouched, carrying little more than the clothes on his back. Thaldi took to the boy and raised Fin as his son for the next 11 years. Fin continued to see Thaldi as his only real father even after he came of age, and the two remained close for years to come.

In the Walls of Ramgate

Thaldi began offering free healing and counsel to citizens after the occupation, strategically positioning himself as friendly to the Molthuni troops. What better way to stem insurrection than to keep the populace happy? Habbraxis’ men, for their part, were happy to allow Thaldi to do his work. In truth, Thaldi was only biding his time until help came.

Rumors among the rebels in Skelt of a flying man who saved Mera Corby’s men persisted among visitors to Thaldi’s church, and he believed truly that Fin was still out there and would return to save Skelt.

On 28 Kuthona, Fin did return and with a host new allies – Astrid, Hudson, Katsutoshi, and Orin. Thaldi gave them shelter and intelligence on the occupation force and consecrated the graveyard for them, after they discovered it spewing forth undead.

Thaldi Hulfison

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