Toval Golka

Golka Traitor


​Toval Garess is the adoptive son of and heir apparent to Howlan Garess. Living as a ward to Lord Garess, Toval is now the only surviving member of the Golka dwarves.​


​Toval was sent to Grayhaven as a young dwarf by his mother, Zuri Golka, to serve as ward to Howlan Garess. He served Lord Garess with distinction, up until the Vanishing and collapse of Golushkin. After the calamity, Toval found he was the only surviving member of his clan​.

Season Three

After they met with his father, Lord Garess, Toval pled with the party to investigate the Golushkin Mountains and find closure for his lost clan.​

Astrid discovered evidence within Golushkin, implicating Toval in the foul worship of the Prophet. Upon receiving this intelligence, Lord Garess executed the dwarf personally.

Toval Golka

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