Dragon Watch

Episode 53: On Fallen Wings - Chapter Seven
18 Gozran 4754


Half of the Initiative found themselves trapped within a false reality, seemingly alongside the dragon, Umbrath the White. The dragon informed them of this fact, then noted the consequences of this revelation: four dragons had gathered on Hospiena’s Perch, surrounding the group.

Umbrath explained they were guardians of the dream – avatars of the zygomind that controlled it – and that their destruction would destabilize the dream, and allow them to escape. No easy feat, but Astrid, Orin and Thorgur had little other choice.

The dragons were in five colors, and surprisingly similar to dragons the group already knew.

One appeared to be of the same shade of purple as Malam’s panther form, and would have matched Rhodin’s memory of the creature, had he been present in the dream.

Another appeared as a slightly smaller version of Vellath the Green, with whom the party had tangled near Fort Ferrodan.

The other appeared as Hospiena herself, whose corpse fed the ley line beneath the very caldera in which they stood.

The fourth – red and vibrant – was reminiscent of Irthelia and her Iskaron dragonflight, and indeed shared an appearance with the dragon corpse near which Rhodin now stood.

In the real world, as Rhodin and Amber watched their companions march unerringly towards this red dragon, and the terrible growth that appeared to be growing from it, Hudson fell to his knees. Amber rushed to his side, relieved to find him – somehow – awake. He had awoken by his own means, somehow, but there was little time to discuss the situation.

For a fifth dragon – resembling the dragon Umbrath, but sicklier – had spotted them, and this one was very real, and very alive. The growth – what Umbrath called a zygomind – activated at their intrusion as well, and set about defending itself and its prey.

And so a battle was joined on two fronts – a battle against four dragons of the dream, and against the zygomind and Umbrath the Afflicted in the real world.

Eventually, Thorgur was able to slay the dream form of Hospiena, allowing himself to escape. He awakened and aided his allies in the real world. Soon, Astrid was able to slay Malam the Dreamer as well – though not before the zygomind’s defenses destroyed her physical body. Yet at the last moment, her armor – enchanted by Orin – restored her to life. And soon thereafter, her destruction of Malam the Dreamer set Orin free as well.

As Umbrath the Afflicted suffered terrible blows, he also retreated, exposing the zygomind’s interior. Thorgur laid into the zygomind’s core with all his rage, and the trauma destabilized the dream further, allowing Astrid to awaken and then Umbrath himself.

Awake for the first time in many years, Umbrath wasted no time in turning his wrath upon the zygomind, sealing the alien lifeform’s fate, and ending its threat once and for all.

Weary and wounded, but awake, the Initiative found themselves at last the victor against the terrible Iskaron Zygomind.

Episode 52: On Fallen Wings - Chapter Six
18 Gozran 4754


At the edge of the Awzera Fen, our heroes were reunited with Irthelia and a full squadron of the Iskaron dragonflight. The dragons were eager to aid Astrid and her companions. Although they could not lift the sizable – and heavy – rig, Irthelia tasked her dragons to escort Titanis to Port Ice, where Hibok could direct the rig safely to Skywatch through friendlier Brevoy territory.

As for Astrid and her companions, Irthelia urged them to return with her to Skywatch via the more direct route of dragonback. Arion had left Irthelia with the daring news that gillmen refugees had made their way to his call – Orin and his father were no longer the last of his kind. Even more pressing, Irthelia revealed the arrival of yet another visitor – the great dragon Umbrath, of the Rostland Five, of whose number the Iskaron dragonflight had been borne and the Rogarvian bloodline with it.

Orin, curious at this news, stepped aside to consult the Frozen Heart of Orphys. Through it, he contacted his father, Arion, who assured his son that Irthelia spoke true – the gillmen had arrived safely. Satisfied, Orin agreed to travel back, albeit under his own power and his own greater teleportation spell.

Astrid and Thorgur, meanwhile, returned to Skywatch via dragonback, leaving Hudson and Rhodin to escort Titanis the rest of the way to Port Ice, with a full company of red dragons.

And yet…

As this occured, indeed, Rhodin Skyking stood over the motionless forms of his companions, Astrid Rogarvia, Hudson Graves, Orin and Thorgur Fireborn. At his side stood Amber Wallace, gunslinger, the only warrior not to fall prey to whatever affliction drew his companions into their unerring slumber. As he attempted to examine their condition, Amber and he were surprised by Benjamin Holt, emerging at last from within the Titanis. The old gunslinger was unresponsive, however, yet seemed intent on pressing onward into the swamp without escort or word.

Thorgur, frustrated and hoping to delay Benjamin’s flight until answers could be retrieved, attempted to knock the gunslinger out cold. Yet his blow had an uncanny effect – the back of the gunslinger’s skull caved in, exposing inhuman, fungal growths within his mind.

Amber drew her revolvers, Akiton and Castrovel, commanding the man in black to halt. He ignored her, distancing himself from the rig. Rhodin, convinced that whatever they were dealing with was no longer – if it had ever been – Hudson’s old nemesis, ordered Amber to fire.

A single shot was all it took, and with a surprising result. Benjamin’s head exploded in a shower of spores and sickly fluids.

Meanwhile, Rhodin’s companions did at last rouse – much like Benjamin. Unlike the gunslinger, they showed no signs of infection. Like him, however, they seemed intent on moving deeper into the swamp. Rhodin and Amber gave pursuit, hoping to find some way of stirring them from their reverie before they got to wherever it is they were going. Both warrior suspected their destination to be less than desirable….

Yet while Rhodin dealt with this, Orin was outside the swamp, teleporting back to Skywatch. There, he spoke with his father, confirming the gillmen refugees’ story: they had found the SIghtless Sea abandoned after Mountainfall, and managed to safely navigate its once forbidden waters to Arion’s call.

Orin found the gillmen amicable, and he summoned his magnificent mansion to grant them rest and reprieve.

Astrid and Thorgur flew atop Irthelia and her dragons to reunite with their companion. As they stopped to rest for the night, Thorgur was struck by a dream – a dream he found more real than his waking world.

In his dream, he found himself deep underground. He passed through a burning flame beneath a stone arch, finding himself before a grand tomb. A hooded figure, of dwarvish height with blackened skin, stood at the tomb’s side. “The gate is open,” the figure spoke to Thorgur. “And the way to the tomb with it. Your faith…. is yet to be tested.”

Thorgur woke at this, and shuddered as he recalled heresy he once bitterly knew – that the symbol of a burning flame beneath a stone arch was the symbol of none other than Droskar, the dark god of the duergar.

Yet as they continued their activities, all three heroes began to suspect something was not quite right. Like an itch they coudn’t scratch: a corrupt swamp appearing altogether healthy, a dream within a dream.

Rhodin, in another world, appeared to know just what that itch might be. In his reality, all four of his companions were still in the swamp, insistent on their north-westerly path. A wall of holy ice failed to stop them – they threw themselves against the wall, even to the point of injuring themselves. A heal spell appeared to halt Orin’s advance only slightly. The dwarf prince was running out of options, and he knew it.

In their world, it was the next day, and Astrid and Thorgur reunited with Orin in Skywatch. Irthelia ushered them to the Clocktower to speak with the elder dragon, Umbrath. Umbrath was indeed waiting for them, a dragon unlike any they had ever seen before. His skin shimmered in the afternoon light, his scales white and pure even as they appeared to be translucent.

The dragon introduced himself, telling them that the time had come to make a stand against the being responsible for mountainfall. A being known as Tawil at’Umr had opened the Gate, and now the Gate – and the Key, for they were one – had come unto Golarion: the Lurker at the Threshold, mighty Yog-Sothoth.

Umbrath was unimpressed with Astrid’s possession of the Dragon Watch. Malam Fol, he said, was ineffectual, and his toys could not help them now. Orin insisted otherwise – the Dragon Watch had brought them here, and it could take them back. “Impossible,” Umbrath said. “For the device is inert, and Malam Fol is dead. There is nothing we can do.”

The party was aghast at this news. According to Rhodin, however, even if this was so, Castle Ouroboros stood out of time. They could still find their way there, they reasoned, and use its power to return to the past.

Umbrath agreed to escort the party back to Hospiena’s Perch, where they could confer with Kelvennan Duskwalker. The group set off immediately, landing at the mountain’s base and traveling by foot to the caldera, as they had before.

At the sight of the dead dragon that fed the caldera’s ley line, Umbrath grew somber, however. He went to its side, and spoke no more to the party. Yet there was no sign of Kelvennan Duskwalker, nor of his camp where they had met him before.

Astrid went to Umbrath’s side and found the dragon weeping. Comforting him, she heard him speak. “She was the best of us,” he said. “We fled here to escape the Dominion, but she did not survive the trip.”

Something appeared to come over Umbrath then, and he turned to Astrid and her companions. “This is not right,” he said. “This place cannot be.”

At his words, the veil was pierced, and Astrid and Thorgur saw through it at once. This world, they knew, was not real.

They were not in Skywatch.

They were still in the swamp.

Rhodin followed his companions the rest of the way. At last they came to a clearing, and he saw a shocking sight.

A great red dragon, far larger than Irthelia, lay dead in the middle of the swamp. From the ancient dragon’s corpse grew an enormous, cage-like growth, as large as a house, shedding foul spores into the air. And standing next to this foul corruption was Umbrath.

And the mighty dragon was infected, the same as all the rest.

Episode 51: On Fallen Wings - Chapter Five
17 Gozran 4754


As Hibok’s rig dove into the Awzera River, the team came under assault from Technic League artillery on the shore. At Hellion’s command, a trio of metallic beasts threw themselves into the midst of the Technic League’s heaviest weapons. With this last attack – and sacrifice – to distract their pursuers, the party at last escaped from the League.

They now crossed the Awzera Fen. The solar-powered rig’s engines shut down at nightfall, and the party camped for the night. Hellion expressed its concerns at Orin’s desire to change the past, as it was Mountainfall – and Unity’s subsequent destruction – that freed the AI from its previous existence. It was, in effect, born of the apocalypse that struck the world.

Orin heard out the Iron God, but he was undeterred. Perhaps, he reasoned, Hellion could yet find a way to be born even in a world with Unity.

The party rested and took turns at watch.

Rhodin spotted them first – humanoid toad creatures creeping through the swamp. He roused the party, and they took up arms to defend the camp. Yet as they fought, a strange affliction began to overtake most of them. Two of the three toadmen fell quickly, and Orin gave pursuit to the third – but not before the sickly corruption drained Hudson Graves of his life.

Rhodin’s faith came through, however, and he was able to resuscitate the gunslinger. Soon enough, the party recovered and fled the swamp at daybreak, glad at last to be free of their adventure.

Yet Rhodin saw a different path. In Rhodin’s world, Hudson – though revived – never awoke. And soon Astrid, Orin and Thorgur joined him in his inexplicable coma. While his party appeared to find themselves free of the swamp, Rhodin appeared to find them unconscious. The party seemed to be experiencing twin realities – but whose was real?

Episode 50: On Fallen Wings - Chapter Four
17 Gozran 4754


The Titanis and her crew faced a challenging battle, even with the reinforcements of Astrid, Orin and Thorgur, as Hibok drove the rig towards the nearby river. The battle was pitched, and things grew ever more dire as they neared the river’s edge. Only a timely spell by Rhodin Skyking, summoning forth a massive wall of storm and ice, staved off the assaults of the Technic League’s most powerful robots.

But they weren’t out of the woods yet…

Episode 49: On Fallen Wings - Chapter Three
17 Gozran 4754


Amber Wallace found Hudson as he stood watch atop the Titanis. She confessed an unexpected tale to the gunslinger – she had spent nearly 20 years of their 40 apart married to a Molthuni man that she had met while fleeing southern Avistan. Despite their long relationship, she had buried the man already. He had been killed years before by the Technic League.

Hudson took the news in stride, encouraging Amber to keep her wedding ring and stay true to her memory. His true feelings on the matter, whatever they might be, he kept to himself.

Their conversation was interrupted by Hellion. It had spotted pursuit. The Technic League had caught them.

Meanwhile, Orin, Thorgur and Astrid found themselves pursued by the [[At the Mountains of Madness: Episode 7 | flying machines that had hunted Hudson so long ago]]. Orin directed his phantom chariot deep into the nearby hills, while Thorgur scanned the landscape for any signs of the spine dragon rumored to live in the area.

They managed to lose their pursuers in the canyon and, despite a few wrong turns, found the spine dragon’s lair. Orin bartered with the dragon in its own language, tempting it to pursue the nearby army of machines for a robust meal.

Taking this opportunity – and hopeful delay of the Black Sovereign’s advance – the trio fled the canyons. Yet they were caught here by the flying machines who had pursued them this far. Orin stopped the chariot, allowing his companions to disembark and engage the machines in the manner they knew best – melee combat.

The battle carried on, but in the end, the trio put the machines down and returned to the chariot, again taking to the air and flying as fast as they could towards the Titanis – if it was not too late.

Back on the Titanis, Hudson, Rhodin and their allies prepared to engage the Technic League’s war party. The battle began quickly, as gearsman boarded the rig and engaged with its defenders.

Yet as the battle progressed, and things grew more dire, reinforcements arrived from an unexpected quarter: the sky.

Astrid, Orin and Thorgur had returned.

Episode 48: On Fallen Wings - Chapter Two
17 Gozran 4754


​As they trundled across the wastleland in Numeria’s eastern Sellen Hills, Hudson called out a warning. Something was approaching the Titanis, and it was moving fast, stirring up a massive dust cloud in its wake. Orin, still waiting down below, quickly ascended to the rig’s rooftop, his body forming into solid ice from an ice body spell. The party made their preparations, expecting the worse.

They were not wrong to prepare themselves. Out of the dust, four riders emerged, Technic League gearsmen armed with rifles, and following not far behind them was a massive machine, its back heavy with death in the form of rockets. The party fell into action. The Beasts of Hellion fell onto the interceptors, immediately slaughtering one of the rider’s horses and dismounting its owner. Hudson opened fire with the Star Cannon and, when they came in range, Alexander’s Guns, drawing black, thick blood from the riders’ metallic bodies. But the League’s soldiers returned fire as well, damaging the side of the Titanis’ hull.

Orin responded with the summoning of a phantom chariot, magical hippographys pulling the vehicle aboard the Titanis. Astrid and Orin clambered aboard, flanked by Rok the Wary, and set off to board the large, rocket-firing machine. Orin led the charge with powerful lightning, setting the clouds above aflame with thunder. From this thunder, Rhodin himself summoned forth a huge lightning elemental, which moved to join the fray. All the while, Hibok pushed the Titanis ever forward, as Hellion’s repair drones worked to undo the damage to the hull.

As they passed over the rocket machine, Astrid and Rok leapt off. The bugbear missed his quarry, but Astrid did not. She planted herself on the machine’s back, and set about dismantling its rocket launchers. And the fight elsewhere raged on, as the mounted soldiers traded fire with Hudson. But the gunslinger was not moved by his enemies’ violence, and his father’s revolvers fired seemingly without end, dropping one of the riflemen and severely damaging the rest.

Under heavy assault by the warrior on its back, the rocket machine fired one last ordinance at the Titanis. The missile landed square on its roof, immediately destroying half of its solar panels, and severely damaging the rest. But as soon as it did so, Astrid hacked off the last of its weapons, leaving it in the dust, and Titanis’ wake. Defenseless, the machine tore away through the desert, leaving Astrid in its own dust. Orin, the Beasts of Hellion, and Rhodin’s lightning elemental made short work of the remaining gearsmen.

In the wake of the battle, the repair drones conducted repairs on the rig, with some help from Rhodin’s artificing. Down below, the party convened to discuss their next plan of action. Hibok bemoaned they had been found already, not even half a day out from Scrapwall, and Amber expressed her concerns that the party could safely make it to Sunder Horn at all. Perusing the map, and their options, the party decided to try a different strategy. Orin, Thorgur and Astrid boarded his phantom chariot and flew back, towards Chesed, from which the Technic League rode, to see what they were up against. Rhodin stayed behind with Hudson and the others, as the Titanis drove to the banks of the Awzera River, whose crossing might give the Titanis a sizable escape in the Awzera Fens.

As they rode, Rhodin was visited by Hibok. The two dwarves exchanged greetings, commiserating for their lost homeland – though Hibok reeled at the knowledge of Rhodin’s time-traveleing adventures, and despaired at the seeming ineffectiveness of Malam’s missions, given the apocalyptic landscape they now faced.

“The greater the darkness, the greater Torag’s light shines,” Rhodin told the gunsmith.

“You must have some faith, if you can see this world and still believe,” Hibok replied.

The two parted amicably, with Rhodin leaving Hibok with one final revelation: his family name, Skyking.

An hour into their scouting, Orin, Astrid and Thorgur spotted the Technic League’s war party on the move – miles away, but much closer to the Titanis than they would have liked, as Amber had feared. They mused over their options some more, and Orin attempted a gamble. He attempted to call out to a spine dragon in the nearby hills, a noted enemy of the League. Yet the shredded magic of this world failed him, and he did no more than yell loudly in his companions’ ears. But, whether because of this or something else, the trio found themselves catching the attentiion of the war party below. Flares of fire spouted into the distant air, and the trio watched as something detached itself from the long caravan of machines – and began to fly right towards them.​

Episode 47: On Fallen Wings - Chapter One
15 Gozran 4754


Our heroes found themselves in a vast underground chamber. The half-dismantled remains of Titanis dominated the cavern, and, true to Orin’s vision, a number of metallic creatures were crawling over the hull.

The party leapt into action, quickly dispatching several of the robots but not without rousing a large bugbear. Orin managed to trap the creature in a block of ice before it could come to bear on the party, but that did not keep the metallic monsters from assaulting them.

Before the violence went too far, however, they were interrupted by gunshots. A figure ordered the bugbear and the robots to stand down, surprising the party by asking for their help instead. And at that, the figure removed its hood, revealing none other than Amber Wallace.

Amber quickly explained that they were attempting to remove Titanis’ mainframe from the ship in order to transport it to Brevoy. The Black Sovereign was still alive, and his army of machines were intent on destroying Scrapwall. Titanis’ power could not be allowed to fall into his hands. They would be aided in all of this by Rok the Wary, the bugbear, and another AI, Hellion. Hellion was the guardian and leader of Scrapwall, and it saw the value in protecting Titanis.

The party agreed to help, and Amber took them to meet another old friend: Hibok Marbleaxe. Hibok and Amber had both fled Fort Ramgate after Kraggodan’s destruction, and they had made it through Molthune with the help of the wandering bugbear, Rok.

As he wandered the city, Thorgur was disturbed by a familiar sight. Far away to the south, a storm was coming. No natural storm, it had the like of the terrible cataclysm that had befallen Highhelm. Thorgur warned the party, explaining that they may have only a matter of days before the storm arrived.

Hudson went to work on the Titanis, hoping to accelerate the AI’s removal from the spacecraft. While working, he interrupted the work of a Technic League assassin. The assassin had come with an explosive made specifically to disrupt machinery – it had been targeting Titanis explicitly.

Hudson stopped the assassin’s plans but nearly lost the creature afterwards. The creature was stopped by an old Benjamin Holt: the Man in Black.

Benjamin revealed his own journey, of enslavement to the Black Sovereign and his Prophet, and his work with Hellion to redeem his life as the Technic League’s executor. He nevertheless granted Hudson an opportunity to enact justice. Hudson refused to kill out of cold blood, instead forcing the Man in Black to a quickdraw duel.

Benjamin appeared to accept, but he did not draw in the end. Hudson, for his part, drew but did not fire. And so began an uneasy alliance between the two men.

With the Titanis at last prepared for its journey, Hellion drove the rest of the citizens to their own evacuation. The Titanis, aboard Hibok’s war rig, would flee first, drawing the Black Sovereign’s patrols after it as it fled towards Brevoy’s Port Ice. The Scrapwall citizens would come after, with their own escort but hoping to avoid the Black Sovereign’s notice. They would flee directly east, south of the Awzera River, into Brevoy’s Golushkin Mountains.

The party set out the morning of their second day. The Storm gathered behind them, and the Black Sovereign waited with his Technic League before them. It would be a hard journey. But Hudson was prepared, surrounded by old friends, secure in the knowledge that whatever came next, he was, for the first time in a long time, not alone.

Episode 46: Interlude
15 Gozran 4754


Irthelia presented herself to Astrid, humbly begging her forgiveness for her behavior when the two first met. Before Astrid could respond, Irthelia removed the Dragon Watch from her neck and presented it to the woman. “This belongs to you,” Irthelia said.

Astrid accepted the gift graciously, and the council soon departed their separate ways, leaving our heroes to ponder the specifics of traveling to distant Tzim’chevaghol.

Irthelia pledged to take the group anywhere they wanted on dragonback. Orin describes his hometown’s location to the red dragon, and she departed to the draconian fortress to pick out a feasible route through the twisted wastelands of Golarion. As for Arion, Orin’s father indicated his desire to travel with the group and see his homeland once again.

Here, Orin recalled one item he possessed that may still work in this apocalyptic land of fading magic: the Frozen Heart of Orphys. It would allow him to scry on the distant gillman city, he reasoned, and allow them to know exactly what they would be up against.

The group begrudgingly decided to allow it, wary of Orin’s past experiences with the artifact. Orin departed with the dwarves to discuss magic he might prepare for the upcoming journey.

Meanwhile, Astrid returned to Rogarvia Manor and took a late morning tea with her mother. They discussed her father, with Viktoriya remarking, “You have your father’s hands.”

“They help me do stuff,” Astrid agreed, a typically Astrid reply that earned a smile from her mother.

“I lost your father long before he died,” her mother continued. “He refused to accept this world for what it was. If your friends are not successful and you cannot return to the past and change any of this, then I only hope I do not lose you too.”

While Astrid pondered these words, Orin returned with Hudson and the dwarves in tow. “I’m not going to scry on Tzim’chevaghol,” he revealed. “I’m going to scry on Titanis.”

A bath was prepared for Orin in short order, and his friends gathered around in case things should go wrong while he attempted to use the Frozen Heart. “If this thing overtakes you and turns you to evil,” Rhodin assured the gillman. “I will be happy to bash your skull in.”

And so Orin communed with the Frozen Heart. He was granted a vision of Titanis somewhere in eastern Numeria, in mountains made of metal and iron. It was apparently under assault by strange, quadrupedal creatures, under the direction of a becloaked figure. The creatures had apparently pulled apart a large portion of the ship, exposing the engine’s core and the housing for the AI within.

Orin withdrew from the image, seeking to return to his body. He was compelled in a new direction, however, one he recognized – a distant planet covered in darkness.

He found himself before the same iron throne and the same iron creature as before. Now, the creature was bound in ice, unmoving. Yet in Orin’s presence, it slowly roused itself, the ice falling away from its helmet to allow it to speak.

“I remember you, little wizard. It has been some time since we spoke,” the creature said.

“Well, I traveled through time to be here,” Orin responded.

The creature reaches forth with its mind, and Orin, unable to resist the call, felt the creature search through his mind for something. When he was finished, the creature rose, freeing himself of the ice that still cling to his body. Picking up the swor, he strode swiftly towards the wizard – and bent the knee.

“The Master is truly dead. You are the master of the Frozen Heart now,” it proclaimed.

Orin learned the creatures name was Valourax, and he stood on the planet Eox, sixth planet from the sun. Nochen Valmugen had been Valourax’s Master, and had traveled to Golarion aboard a corpse ship eons ago. Valourax has no master now, and the ravaged Golarion held little interest for the bone sages.

Valourax informed Orin of the Frozen Heart’s power – to commune with Valourax in the Black Citadel, to command undead loyal to the bone sages, and to communicate telepathically with any creature he could desire. “Your mind cannot be compelled by us,” Valourax said. “I can only request your attention.”

Thanking the giant undead knight, Orin excused himself and returned to his body at last. He informed the party of Titanis’ location, but kept the revelations of Eox – and the Frozen Heart – to himself as the party was interrupted by a commotion outside.

Irthelia has returned with a decision to not travel to Tzim’chevaghol by dragonflight. Instead, she would take them to the Mage of Planes, the last mortal on Golarion who could still teleport beings safely.

Diverting their course now to Numeria – to the formations Hudson identified as Scrapwall – our heroes departed Skywatch atop dragonback. They arrived at a summit in the Icerime Peaks shortly after. Irthelia landed at the base of the peak, and granting Astrid a draconic horn of summoning, bade Astrid complete the journey on foot.

At the summit, our heroes discovered an ancient caldera. Contained within its center, almost entirely in status, was the body of a blu-ish silver dragon. Blood dropped from its body, gathering in a pool below to form something few mortals see: a magic ley line.

Their observations were interrupted by Kelvennan Duskwalker. A powerful summoner, still without his eidolon Malam, if indeed Malam ever truly was his eidolon, Kel was now known as the Mage of Planes. Old, weathered and wise, he promised the party an ability to teleport them anywhere they could envision.

Before they left, Kel granted Hudson a special gift in remembrance of their first meeting, so many years ago: a bracelet of friends. Hudson graciously accepted the gift.

Their plans set, our heroes readied themselves. Drawing on the incredible power of the nearby ley line, Kel drew forth a portal to distant Numeria. Our heroes entered, hearts ready.

They were going to save Titanis.

Episode 45: A World Moved On - Conclusion
15 Gozran 4754


Orin is reunited with his father, Arion. He learns his father became a time-traveling Watchman for Malam, but was eventually abandoned in this future. Arion shares the most disturbing revelation of all: the gillmen in this future are extinct, wiped out by the Apocalypse. Even Chevaghol is dead – a small piece of good news. Orin resolves to return to the past and prevent this future from ever occurring. His father gives him one clue: Chevaghol’s eyes were recovered by her servants and taken to Tzim’chevaghol; any gillman who attunes him or herself to them can see a vision of Chevaghol’s last days and learn what she knew of the Apocalypse – and even how to destroy her.

Thorgur and Rhodin get the lay of the land from each other. Rhodin shares his story, and Thorgur reveals his knowledge of the Tomb of Torag, which can only be opened by the blood of kings. Rhodin takes Anthony’s research from Thorgur and resolves to learn what he can of Torag’s connection to the gods laying waste to Golarion in the current age.

Astrid takes tea with her mother and learns of her father’s work to discover time travel to the past. Traveling to the future is apparently easier than going the other way around. He never solved it, however, and he never saw his daughter again.

The party meets with the Skywatch Council in the Clocktower. They discuss their paths forward, and Orin persuades them to pursue the Eyes of the Ancient One in Tzim’chevaghol. While deciding how to cross the dangerous lands of Golarion, they are greeted by the Iskaron dragonflight. Irthelia, much older, is at their head, and she lands to present Astrid with the Dragon Watch.

Episode 44: A World Moved On - Chapter One
14 Gozran 4754


Hudson Graves and Thorgur Fireborn were left behind in the present to deal with the Technic League’s army. It was a terrible battle, leading to the death of Aszrogal, Choral’s companion.

Hudson dueled the Man in Black during the ensuing battle, known as the Battle of Skywatch. This led to the loss of his right arm, which was rebuilt by Titanis into a cybernetic limb. Hudson fought in the ensuing war between Numeria and Brevoy. On the eve of a great battle in Numeria, Hudson departs the country with a Watchman named Niramour Lockewinter, leaving Titanis behind. The Silver Mount was destroyed by some cataclysmic event, setting forth a wave of darkness that would come to curse all of Golarion – an event known as the End of Stars.

Hudson returned to Numeria to search for the Titanis but was ultimately unsuccessful. He settled in Skywatch with other survivors, and eventually met Astrid’s family when they used the Observatory to travel to this future, in what was known in their time as the Vanishing. This foreshadowed his own reunion with Astrid and Orin.

Thorgur was wounded in the Battle of Skywatch too, but he recovered and departed for Fort Ramgate. There he fought in wars to retake Kraggodan. But the End of Stars came during one such battle, and a great dhole emerged from the Darklands thereafter, consuming all of Kraggodan. Thorgur awoke in the aftermath and discovered a Watchman had attempted to reach him, with orders to bring him to Skywatch. The Watchman was dead, however, and Thorgur was alone.

Thorgur was eventually found by Anthony Arkwright, who took him to the Five King’s Mountains. There, Anthony discovered that Torag had fought a terrible old god, and the secret to his victory may lay beneath Highhelm in a great tomb. But before they could explore Highhlem, the city was destroyed by a terrible army of beasts. Anthony noted the pointlessness of their quest in any event, as opening the tomb would require royal blood, and the End of Stars had ended the few dwarven royal bloodlines remaining in Avistan.

Thorgur and Anthony fled north to Skywatch, but Anthony was lost in the ensuing trip. When Thorgur did arrive, he was reunited with Hudson. To his surprise, when Astrid and Orin also returned, he met a new dwarf as well – a dwarf wearing the sigil of Skyking.

Rhodin Skyking had fought in Kraggodan’s Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant. But he was also taken on the eve of a great battle – by Malam, speaking to him through dreams. He thereafter became a Watchman, discovering that Malam was a time dragon who presided over Castle Ouroboros, seemingly in orbit around Golarion. For years, he traveled through time to fight against the Dominion of the Black.

Eventually, the Watchmen are allied with Urzen Rogarvia and his allies. Urzen was bitter about Malam’s inaction, however, and planned to betray Malam and master time magic for himself so they could truly make a difference. Rhodin refused to join in Urzen’s campaign, but he also kept Urzen’s plans a secret from Malam. Nevertheless, Malam sent him on one last mission, depositing him in the apocalyptic future outside Skywatch. Here, he worked with the future Rogarvians and their host of dragons – including another survivor, Irthelia, with whom he recovered the Dragon Watch from Numeria.

Thorgur and Rhodin caught up in Skywatch’s local tavern, where Thorgur heard Rhodin’s tale and told him on the secret Anthony had found. Thorgur realized Rhodin’s story, if true, meant he had royal blood – and could perhaps reopen the tomb.

Eventually, Astrid and Orin did come to join their companions at Skywatch, via the Dragon Watch. Astrid was reunited with her mother, but learned her father had long passed away. He had intended to bring Astrid with him, but Astrid had been abducted by Malam the night of the Vanishing. Urzen had dedicated the remainder of his life to researching chronomancy in hopes of returning to the past to find his daughter.

Astrid was not alone in reunions. Orin was directed by Hudson to his own reunion, discovering to his surprise that he was not the only gillman in Skywatch. And so Orin traveled down to the nearby Icerime River, where he was surprised to meet none other than Arion, his father.


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