Dragon Watch

Episodes 1-3: At the Mountains of Madness


Orin, a gillman magus, is traveling through the Mindspin Mountains on a quest to travel to distant Tamran, in the Avistan nation of Nirmathas. En route, he meets a half-elven summoner, Kelvennan Duskwalker, and a human gunslinger, Hudson Graves. The latter join up with the gillman in order to have a traveling companion, if nothing else.

During their journey through the mountains, they encounter a fire giant named Hogon, who claims to be a Watchman. Hogon tells them to travel to Kraggodan instead, a dwarven kingdom in the mountain’s foothills, to stop a growing darkness there. None are inclined to follow Hogon’s advice, until Hogon reveals knowledge of the hated aboleth who has tormented Orin for years, and insists that the aboleth is working to destroy the dwarven city.

Meanwhile, Astrid Medvyed, a human fighter, comes to Kraggodan herself, on an errand for the Pathfinder Society, to meet the third prince, Gorin Greathammer. She is stymied by the prince, however, and instead meets with the Skykings, Kraggodan’s most powerful noble family. She begrudgingly accepts a quest to search for the Skyking son, Bradoc, in the Mindspin Mountains.

The two parties soon meet in the mountains, where they find Bradoc Skyking fighting orcs. They rescue the prince and defeat the orcs, soon finding their goals intersect.

And so came together the gillman, the gunslinger, and the warrior to the town of Kraggodan, and the evils that stirred within…

At the Mountains of Madness: Episode 4
For Skyking and Country


The party meets with Content Not Found: dalores, to collect their reward for Bradoc SkyKing, at SkyKing manor. Dalores and Bradoc are found arguing in the manor. Dalores doesn’t believe Bradoc about the orcs, and does not want him to endanger his life. Bradoc leaves and summons Orin and Hudson to speak with them.

Dalores speaks with the party and gives them each 1000 gold and has another favor to ask of them. She tells them of the Greathammer family. She says they tell lies, and don’t do anything to help Kraggodan. Taxes have gone up and the mines are in ruins, and the money only goes to the monarchy. Crime has also risen. She says the Greathammers didn’t really save Kraggodan during the war and they overthrew the monarchy. Lots of backhanded dealings and don’t care for the people. The Skykings don’t want to overthrow them, she just wants to educate the public so they can demand a change themselves. She asks the party to talk to the Skyking family, and find out what’s really going on. The party decides to talk to Bradoc in his room.

The party will go to the outposts of Kraggodan and receive reports about the orcs, if there are any. But first, they go to the Greathammers to gain favor so that they are seen as a neutral party before they go on their mission, to increase their chances of people believing them about the orcs. Orin, Graves, and Kel meet with Iogan Greathammer, the King of Kraggodan. He thinks that Molthune is preparing for war, but Nirmathas does not want to be back under Molthune’s rule. He is trying to make Kraggodan neutral but Dalores keeps slighting him. He needs to play both sides to keep both sides happy. He knows that the Skykings hate his family too much to pay any attention to anything he says. Bandits are overrunning the city, and he’s distressed that his own son is afraid of the dark, since he came back from the Darklands.

He knows there have always been orcs, but their numbers are worrying. He fears they will seek a moot. He’s worried that the Skykings will try to round up the bandits as an army and go after the orcs or even worse, Molthune. He believes all of the things going wrong, the orcs, bandits, trolls… that the Skykings are making things worse. He asks the men to somehow hold the Skykings back, and keep them busy so they stop interfering. He explains that they run most of the guilds, and the money keeps going to the guilds instead of paying taxes to the king, and everything else is in disarray.He reveals that they keep taxes and records, and asks them to retrieve the documents and prove the disloyalty of the Skykings.

The men want to help, but they don’t want to make any enemies either. Iogan suggests they get the document and leave them out of it, coming up with a reason on how he acquired them. The men decide to think on it and leave Iogan’s company.

Astrid, Panera, and Crawford go to meet with Yusa Skyking. She is with her uncle, Nammir, in the library. Nammir tells them of the Hollow Men. They used to be warriors, Mountain Men, for Kraggodan. They pushed the trolls off, and stopped seven orc invasions. His forefather was King then, and there was a moot, the first since the Quest for Sky, and the Hollow Men were dismissed. Now they’re soldiers in other kingdoms, or mercenaries, and call themselves the Hollow Men. Their criminal activity has been on the rise, and he wants them put down. He asks them to enact justice and bring back the militia. He tells them to talk to Commander Swordbreaker for crime reports, so they can be anonymously delivered to the stone sight for publishing. He tells them to look for Commander Skybreaker in the manor or the garden.
The party don’t want to work for either Skyking or Greathammers to keep tension low, so instead seek out the Hollow Men. They go to the Missing Toe tavern in the Rat’s nest, and Astrid gleans some information from the bartender to seek out a dwarf named Dog in a nondescript warehouse. The party travel to the warehouse, and after some persuasion, they finally meet face to face with Dog. He wasn’t too forthcoming, but they did learn that most of the guilds do pay him and the Hollow Men a protection tax. Astrid’s punch to coax out more information only prompted him to slam the door in their faces.
The party returns to the Whiskey Barrel to rest up.

Early in the morning, as dawn arrived, Astrid left the tavern and met with Bradoc at the Skyking Manor. She revealed to him Iogan’s plan to retrieve the bookkeeping documents, that might be needed to gain favor to get to the Archives in the Anvil of the Kings. He offered her a deal to get reports about orcs from the outposts, and he would help her get into the Archives. Astrid took the deal and the party set off for the Last Outpost in the Mindspin Foothills.

The rode through on newly bought mounts (except for Crawford) and first encountered marsh, then rode through hills upon hills. Finally, they arrived at the outpost. They only found it abandoned and burnt down. They discovered a couple bodies and found that one was still alive but unconscious. Panera healed the female dwarf, named Mileah Goodearth, and she woke up to tell them that they were attacked by unknown figures. She thought they left towards Northeast. Hudson Graves used his tracking skills and discovered very large tracks heading in that direction. The party hurry after the tracks while they are fresh. Hudson discovered an old rifle in the rubble, with an illegible inscription on the barrel. Astrid was unable to discern what language it was.

The party came upon some orcs riding atop wargs, and they engaged in battle. Hudson got some good shots in, and Orin singed them with his flame cone, and Astrid swung her axe. The orc captain committed seppuku before Hudson could question him about the pistols he carried. One white warg surrendered, and Kel successfully befriended him and named him Ghost. The party collected their loot and moved on.

As they were traveling to the Thunder Plains outpost, they happened upon another set of tracks similar to the ones found at the Last outpost, leading into a small forest. They decide to take a detour and investigate. They find a figure that looks a bit like an orc in heavy armor. The orc rushes at Orin, but then only passes through him like a ghost. Other orc figures appear, and at first they only seem incorporeal. But then the first orc engages in a fight, and the adventurers are forced to defend themselves. After some time, one by one, the orcs bow and set their swords on the ground. The orc by the fallen tree introduces himself as Katsutoshi Hayashi, a member of the Watchmen. They protect the area around the Mindspin Mountains and are worried about the orc activity. He reveals that the orcs are marching towards Kraggodan, and will arrive in about three months time. He asks the adventurers for help in defending Kraggodan against the orcs, and says he will be at the front lines with them if they do.

Katsutoshi also told Orin that he was worried that there was a menacing creature in the Darklands that could be the cause of all this. A creature that sounded similar to an aboleth, an aquatic creature that were guardians of Orin’s people. Orin then told the group of his unfortunate situation, where the aboleth can control Orin’s mind and force him to drag people to the depths of the ocean, or kill them. He doesn’t recall doing anything yet, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t. With the group informed and on edge, they keep an eye on him until they figure out a way to sever the connection.

At the Mountains of Madness: Episode 5
Rolling Thunder Plains


The group camps and the goes south towards the Thunder Plains Outpost. On the way they encountered beautiful scenic mountains, but no exciting adventure. They finally arrive at Thunder Plains Outpost and run into some dwarves. They let them know that they’re looking for reports of orcs in the area, for Lord Bradoc in Kraggodan. They send them to meet the Lieutenant in the tavern to get the information they need. Lieutenant Dan does have a report and hands them the papers. He says they’ve been seeing orc scouts going through the plains though there are more than they expect. Astrid looks at the report, and it goes back a few months. There’s a personal note from the Lieutenant to Bradoc saying that he believes him and thinks there’s something going on with the orcs. This is the evidence that they needed, and could possibly save Kraggodan from the impending orc attack.

The group wakes up in the campsite and find that Kel is missing, but his horse is still there. They found tracks not even a day old and followed them through hills quite a ways. As they’re traveling they get caught in a giant dust storm. The adventurers seek out shelter, but are lost in all the sand. Orin tries to cast an arcane spell that conjures up a tiny hut. He doesn’t succeed so they try to continue. Once out of the dust storm, they run into Kel who tells them of his adventures in another plane.

He woke up in a different plane, very similar to the material plane, and he found an ogre and a demon that was preparing an altar. Malam was there with the demon, near a box. Once Kel touched the box, he returned to the material plane, leagues away from the original campsite. Kel takes them back to the altar, but as opposed to the plane he was in, this altar is in ruins. Nothing of value was found at the altar and so they moved on back towards Kraggodan. They traveled through the hills and came upon two Tengu.

Hudson does a incredible gritty move and shot a bullet through an opening in a rock and blew the head off one of the Tengu on the first try in the beginning of combat. After that excellent start, Panera quickly kills the other Tengu with her crossbow. Another Tengu appears and slashes at Astrid but misses. Crawford quickly kills his brethren and kills the last Tengu.

They continue towards Kraggodan and find a large body of water. Orin and Astrid decide to swim across while the others go around. Panera, Kel and Malam, Crawford, and Hudson traveled around and encountered an owl bear. After some choice moves, they killed the owl bear and moved on.

Orin and Astrid arrived at the other side of the lake before the others, and ended up in a forest and hunting ground just outside of Kraggodan. They decide to explore a bit while waiting for the others to catch up and find a large venus flytrap just finishing up its meal. Orin threw some acid at it while Astrid, eager to practice her new training, lunged for the plant. After two swings of her bardiche, one of them a critical hit, she obliterated the large plant and continued with their exploration. They met up with the others and they arrived back in Kraggodan.

Hudson went into Hibok’s armory to bring him the pistol he found on the orc. He recognized it was from the gunslinger that passed through Kraggodan. He didn’t know the language so he sent him to Sathu. Hudson sought him out, a kindly dwarf that owned a scroll shop. He said that the inscription on the gun is unidentifiable, and doesn’t know the origin of the language. Hudson asks him if he knows of anyone he could contact that may know anything about the gun. Sathu says the only person that could possibly know about the gun, is the previous owner of the gun, the gunslinger that had passed through.

Astrid went to Bradoc and showed him the orc reports retrieved from the Thunder Plains outpost. He was delighted, and said once they get the last report from the third outpost, to take all of the reports and the orc heads to King Iogan. He says that the group’s willingness to aid Bradoc convinced Yusa to help them, even though she despises non-Dwarves. She told Astrid to meet her at the east alley of the Anvil of the Kings, and she would help her get into the Archives.

Astrid then goes to Sirlef to tell him the news, and to find out exactly what she’s looking for. She’s to find the original Darklands report by Gorin Greathammer, and to give it to King Iogan as well. He tells her that the Archives won’t have any dangers inside them, and it really is just a normal library. Unsure that she could find what she needed to in time, Astrid brings a couple of her companions along.

Astrid, Panera, Crawford, Orin, and Malam meet Yusa in the alley at midnight, and she shows them a secret entrance near the fountain. She asks them to find records of bribes between the Greathammers and Molthune, and they comply. She tells them they have six hours before the guards patrol the area, and so they hurry in to begin the search.

As Kel keeps a watchful eye through Malam, the others split up to search for the Darkland documents and the bribery documents. Panera searched through the tax records section for two hours, and couldn’t take it anymore. She sat in the corner of the alcove and cried for the next two hours. Orin, Crawford, and Astrid looked in other sections but didn’t find exactly what they were looking for, but did find other information. Among them were transactions of bribery dealing with the Skykings, a direct opposition to Yusa’s requested documents. They took those, just in case. They also found information regarding the fact that the past Great Matriarch, Refna Skyking, was good friends with a Greathammer, and was the mother of Vastan Skyking, the current Duke. They also kept this information. Other books obtained were a dungeon guide for the Darklands, a book on the Mountain Men, now known as the Hollow Men, and maps of Molthune and Nirmathas. With time running out, they kept searching frantically, with Panera now searching with them. Crawford found transaction records between Molthune and the Greathammers, from the years 4710-4712, depicting bribery. Then Orin found the Darklands Expedition document, written in an Eldritch language. Astrid couldn’t discern anything from it with her knowledge of languages. Astrid also found a book called “The Orc in You”, which would prove useful for their mission, and a Tome of Understanding.

With the documents they needed in hand, they left the Archives just in time, and went to bed after their long night. They discussed some ideas to possibly manipulate the Greathammers and the Skykings to have a meeting, and present them with all the documents they found, and to possibly create an understanding and a platform to work together. After all, the two families could be related. They also decided they would acquire the last orc report and then return to King Iogan with everything, so then something could finally be done about the impending orc attack.

At the Mountains of Madness: Episode 6
The Palace Assassin


… Where our Heroes scoured the Mindspin Mountains for signs of Orcs or Worse, stumbled through an Ancient Temple to a Forgotten Demonic God, encountered a diseased Dwarf Wizard name Bolo Rockfeather who tricked them with a Conjured Grove, met the Dwarves of the Mindspin Outpost, and were led to a Troll village, where it became clear the Orcs and Trolls were colluding against Mighty Kraggodan, the evidence of which was brought to the King’s feet, only for our Heroes to be beset by a Strange Serpentfolk Assassin, carrying a note signed by the Hollow Men, whereupon the King directed them to ascertain from Bat Earthrender, Hollow Man loyal to the Throne, the true happenings of the Rat’s Nest …

At the Mountains of Madness: Episode 7
Beneath a Stone Sky


The Darklands Opened

The party continued their debate with King Iogan to open the path to the Darklands. With the aid of the prince, Bodrut Greathammer, along with Astrid’s report, and Bat Earthrender’s own personal demand, the king relented. The way to the Darklands would be opened, and the party would venture inside to end the threats below once and for all.

Traveling with them were Sirlef Marblecut and Katsutoshi Hayashi, the orc Watchman who insisted the aboleth’s plans must be stopped in Nar Voth.

Into Nar Voth

The party descened through the Gate of Torag and into the mines. Struggling against a magical barrier of darkness, they encountered a starving group of dark folk, whom they tamed with food and lies, and a mysterious altar, whose purpose remained hidden to them. Soon, they found a duergar camp and met their leader, a cleric named Curego. Wielding a powerful hammer of ice, the cleric and his allies engaged the party in combat.

Curego told them of an old one who had taken over the city of Kraggodere, sister city to Kraggodan. He confessed to heinous crimes, and begged for the party to end his life. They did so, but not before he granted Panera his hammer, and begged the party to travel to Kraggodere and destroy the old one.

The Lost Highway

The party continued on to a series of pathways known as the Lost Highway and were confronted by a wizard. The wizard turned out to be Zandak Buto, Kelvannan’s old mentor, who revealed where the old one came from: a sabotaged spell that he had cast with the duergar, in an attempt to access the First World. In fact, a Seal of Droskar, an evil artifact, twisted the spell, and set some horror upon the city. Zandak told the party that he intended to destroy the artifact and make right his accidental crime.

Soon after setting out, however, the party was attacked by a strange metallic golem, who fixated on Hudson. The golem chased them through a series of tunnels before the combination of Panera’s fire, Astrid’s blows, and Orin’s lightning stopped the thing long enough for them to flee to Kraggodere’s gates.

Inside, they closed the gates in time to smash the golem, in hot pursuit. In the rubble, Hudson found a rare ore, adamantine.

The party, now in Kraggodere, continues their quest to end the dark threat next time…

At the Mountains of Madness: Episode 8
The Earth Itself Must Scream


Having obtained access to Kraggodere, Zandak led our heroes through the city. It was a scene of devastation and horrific brutality – some battle was fought here, and the duergar were the losers.

Pressing on, the party gained access to the Seal of Droskar in the Grand Cathedral. There, they helped Zandak unwork the seal’s magic. Once unleashed, however, the seal showed the symbol of Torag. It was not the work of Droskar after all, but the ancient god of the dwarves. It was, in fact, a Gate of Torag, meant to ward off the dark.

With the seal destroyed, the party soon faced the dark in the form of a horrific shoggoth. Despite the beast gaining near full access to the Material Plane, the party was able to defeat it. Its weakened state activated the strange dial in Astrid’s bag. The artifact punctured the creature’s flesh, and Astrid dealt it a fatal and final blow.

When the dust cleared, the shoggoth was gone. Katsutoshi revealed the artifact was in fact none other than the Dragon Watch, an immense artifact of power. When the shoggoth died, the Watch activated and selected a new Watchman: Orin. Now ascended, Orin became what would be the first of the party to obtain mythic status, but not the last…

Alas, Sirlef Marblecut did not survive. The shoggoth’s final throes dealt the bard a mortal wound.

Back in Kraggodan, the party informed King Iogan of Ldod and Sirlef’s death and asked for Sirlef to be decorated as a hero and awarded resurrection. He awarded the party the Raven’s Tower as a reward for their deeds, and Gorin Greathammer, now restored to his right state of mind, joined their band as a cohort.

Sirlef’s wife later informed Astrid that he had left a will not to be resurrected. Instead, he left her a letter, and a magical book: The Book of Lost Knowledge.

Hudson returned the adamantite ore to Hibok, who then repaired the gun. He was able to dust off the damage to reveal its name: Star Cannon.

Kel found his mentor withdrawn and lost, the burden of Kraggodere weighing heavy on him. He soon determined that Zandak had cast a summoning spell, not an arcane one, that brought the shoggoth to this world.

Orin learned of his destiny from the orc samurai, and received the Trident of the Last Gillman.

Meanwhile, an ambassador from Nirmathas arrived, informing the king and the party that the orcs were near and worse – Molthune had invaded Nirmathas. Before they could question the Molthuni ambassador, the man attempted to cast some spell on Panera. Orin dealt the traitor a fatal wound, but not before he revealed that he was the power behind Panera’s oracle mystery: a near-omnipotent lich known as Nochen Valmugen.

In the Walls of Ramgate: Episode 1


While scouting the Thunder Plains for orcs, Orin and Hudson ran afoul of the mountain troll they defeated in the Mindspin Mountains. Before they could engage, the troll was killed by none other than Shalako, Orin’s brother.

Shalako revealed to Orin that his father had disappeared into the deepest depths of the ocean, and many gillman had left to seek refuge in Absalom. Shalako came to aid Orin with the best fighters from Tzim’chevaghol.

Meanwhile, the war between Nirmathas and Molthune raged on, and the war front neared Kraggodan. The general, Hadtok Ravenguard, enlisted the party’s aid in leading the four armies of the Kraggodan Militia into battle. Joining them was Shalako and the gillman and the last free army of Skelt, led by Mera Corby and aided by a native Skelt, Fin Godtouched.

Finally, in early December, the armies took to the field, where they fought against hordes of orcs, undead, and even an elite Molthuni army. The fighting culminated with an allied victory at the Battle of the Thunder Plain triumphed, Kraggodan faced a terrible realization: the armies were only the beginning. Three enormous armies gathered in the east to face Kraggodan’s battered troops.

Rashly, the king ordered all armies to the eastern front. Suspecting a trap, Hudson and Katsutoshi summoned the party back to Kraggodan. Just in time – another orc army emerged from the mountains to attack the gates.

With the paladins and samurai facing off against the orcs, Hadtok Ravenguard and Bradoc Skyking took to the field, led by the party. They faced an elite orc-rider and an immense bulette siege beast. After a tense and bloody battle, the party put down the orcs. In the east, the ruse ended, and the Molthuni armies fled to other fronts.

Hadtok presented the party with his bold plan to attack Fort Ramgate and destroy Molthune’s seat of military power. To do so, he asked the party to liberate Skelt and Tamran and enlist the aid of the druids of Crystalhurst, while he engaged Molthune’s armies across the country to keep them busy.

The war was about to truly begin.

In the Walls of Ramgate: Episode 2
Savior on the Mountain


Session One (11 October, 2014)

The party prepared to set out for Skelt, Fin‘s hometown and now under Molthuni occupation. They would ride out to the city and begin to gather intel to prepare for Commander Mera Corby’s arrival on 3 Abadius, 4714. They hoped to find some method to unseat the General Lord Agard Habbraxis, now also Governor of the city, from the mountain city.

It was still a mystery how Skelt fell, crouched as it was on a bluff nearly half a mile high, and guarded by drawbridges and water-powered lifts controlled from the city gates at the peak. It is, historically, unassailable, and only fell during Nirmathas’ rebellion because it was overthrown from within, by its own citizens.

The party was determined to root out this mystery and save the people of Skelt, and set out with their longtime ally, Katsutoshi Hayashi. As they left, Cmdr. Corby warned them of the Canorate Covenant, an elite band of warriors who followed General Habbraxis everywhere and enacted his terrible will.

They arrived at the outskirts of the city a little under a week later. Katsutoshi and Orin traveled to the eastern edge of the city and waited while Astrid, Fin and Hudson disguised themselves as travelers and attempted to gain entry. Molthuni guarded the ramps leading up the bluff and turned them away, telling them the city was closed to unauthorized entry and random travelers.

The party reunited and scouted using Fin’s familiar. The bird saw slave camps and worse – undead roaming the streets at night. The party then elected to fly to the top of the bluff, Fin using his wind powers, the rest using Orin’s magic. At the top, they came to the High Mountain Chapel, where Fin’s foster father, Thaldi Hulfison, lived and led worship of Shelyn. He was overjoyed to see them, and told them that the undead appeared to be working with the Molthuni, and that most of them came from the graveyard at night.

The party decided to investigate. At the graveyard, they found a terrible sight: a mass dumping ground for bodies. Guarding the bodies were almost a hundred zombies and other undead horrors. Curious of all was a skeletal rider, who taunted the party during the battle and was found to have been murdered by someone wielding firearms – bullet holes perforated his now-useless armor.

Whatever he was in life, he was a beast in death as well, charging at the party from his steed. Complicating matters was the dread wraith who appeared during the fight, naming the courser Vomek, and pursuing Fin into the air. After taking a few bullets from Hudson, the wraith fled into the earth.

Puzzling over these matters, the party brought Thaldi to the mass graves to consecrate them, hopefully preventing the creation of further undead.

The next day, they went into the town itself to make contact with the resistance. In the mines, they found the previous mayor, now enslaved – Mayor Costie. Liberating her through subterfuge, they learned that the resistance operated with the arcanist, Mahtore, who ran a shop in town. They came to the shop and, after Fin convinced Mahtore of his true nature, learned more of the dark knowledge Sirlef Marblecut had been pursuing.

Sirlef had theorized that the Molthuni had made contact with a mysterious entity or group of entities known as the Dominion of the Black. Adding to this, Mahtore found hidden knowledge of two powerful spellcasters from the time before Earthfall, one professing mastery of the planes, the other over space and time itself. Mahtore believed they were connected, but needed research from his companion in Crystalhurst to find out the rest.

With these dark tidings, Mahtore then showed the party to the resistance: through a trap door in the back of his shop.

Session Two (26 October, 2014)

The party introduced themselves to Skelt‘s resistance and were greeted by their leader, Ennet Dane, a halfling woman who claimed to have seen Fin descend from the sky to warn off Mera Corby’s army during the invasion of Skelt, and thus responsible for forming the resistance.

She was less than impressed with Fin’s return, however, seeing that he came without an army and instead a group of troublemakers who, in her view, were doing little more than stirring up General Habbraxis against the population. Nevertheless, she gave them what intelligence she knew:

Fort Nirmath, the headquarters for the Skelt army, was not occupied by Molthune and its supplies of arms and armor was thus beyond the resistance’s reach. The mills and mines, now forced labor camps, fared little better, and their resources were being turned to the Molthuni war machine under the broken and bloodied brows of the Skelt slaves who toiled there. The best of the Skelt soldiers and leadership, and many resistance leaders, were also being held by General Habbraxis in his secret prison, whose location was unknown to the resistance. An attack could be planned with Corby’s army when she arrived, but without turning at least a few tides the resistance’s way, Ennet warned, the battle was doomed to fail.

Complicating all of this was the strange wraith who had appeared to the party during the fight in the graveyard. It continued to thwart the rebels and would no doubt plague Fin and his friends if they could not find a way to stop it.

The group determined that they needed intelligence first and decided to confront Bifar, the lowly dwarf and the ex-Mayor’s Chancellor, who now oversaw affairs of government at the Town Hall. They set out, now aided by Baloth, an oread and ally of Ennet Dane’s.

A plan was enacted whereby the party snuck into the back of the Town Hall and tricked Bifar into using the restroom. They grabbed the dwarf as soon as he tried to relieve himself and put him under interrogation. Through intimidation and coercion, they learned that Habbraxis was sending orders directly to the dwarf from his headquarters, buried somewhere within the mountain on which Skelt sat. Bifar also revealed one more member of the Canorate Covenent – an elven archer, always seen by Habbraxis’ side. Habbraxis had also sent an elf female to advise Bifar, named Indilas. Bifar also admitted that Molthune were the source of the undead plague on the town.

The group released Bifar with instructions to trick Indilas into coming for her own interrogation – but neither Indilas nor Bifar returned. When they went to investigate, Indilas was waiting for them. Appearing to known Orin, Fin, and Kel, she scoffed at their attempts to free the city and attempted to question the party herself. Rebuffed, she attempted to leave when Orin – acting on an earlier hunch – attempted to impale her with the Trident of the Last Gillman. Yet she caught the weapon, and when Orin teleported to continue the attack, revealed herself to be Nochen – his soul in a new body.

It was at this moment that Indilas (Nochen) appeared to notice Astrid. (S)he became greatly disturbed at this, insisting that Astrid was not who she claimed to be and did not belong here. Before Astrid could respond, or Nochen could escalate to violence, the elf was destroyed in an explosion of flame. The source of the fire was Panera, newly arrived with Zandak, Shalako, and Gorin, determined not to let her purported creator spread his terror through the land without her intervention.

In the aftermath, the party reunited in the resistance headquarters with Katsutoshi and Mayor Costie.. They decided to head to the mills to liberate the workers there and, with luck, fool the Molthuni into believing it still operated under Molthuni control. Panera and the other allies were left to help the resistance in whatever capacity Ennet Dane saw fit.

At the mills, the party was quickly embroiled in a battle against a terrifying iron golem and a squadron of Molthuni soldiers. While they attempted to destroy the golem, a soldier escaped – returning moments later with a horde of zombies at his back!

Session Three (2 November, 2014)

Kel trapped the zombie hordes in deep pits with his spells, allowing the rest of the group time to put down the iron golem. Baloth struck the final blow with his lance, charging at the beast at full pelt. The zombies were quickly put down.

After the fight, the group set up guards in Molthuni uniforms and freed the workers, asking them to continue to work but to provide weapons and armor to the resistance and to work regular shifts, not the forced labor of before. One of the workers had another revelation on seeing Hudson’s firearms: another gunslinger had been seen in town during the invasion, killing of the mounted warriors before being captured. The mounted warrior, no doubt, was Vomek, meaning the gunslinger Hudson had been seeking may be in the city after all!

With the mills freed, the party returned to the mines to deal with the horrid corpse golem and free the slaves. During the fight, the corpse golem killed half a dozen slaves before being put down by another charge of Baloth. They then used piles of Hudson’s gunpowder to ignite a blast that closed the mine’s entrance, making the mine useless to the Molthuni.

Still waiting for Mera Corby to arrive, the party rested for the next day in order to hunt the dread wraith later that night. Finding it waiting for them at the graveyard, Fin was able to wound it with a light spell. They tracked the wraith’s blood to the fallen monument of Irgal Nirmath. The wraith was waiting for them again, this time with more undead horrors, including mohrgs, shadows, and regular wraiths. After a tense battle, during which Fin pelted the dread wraith with light spells, Orin was able to finally put down the wraith with a mythic lightning bolt. The incorporeal horror fled through a trap door below the monument.

Following him, the party found the wraith collapsed in a heap, at last destroyed. Yet the tunnels continued on, leading them to what they soon realized was General Habbraxis’ long-sought-after base of operations…

Session Four (15 November, 2014)

The party snuck into the General Lord’s lair and freed some of his prisoners, including Skelt’s military commander. The commander informed them that Habbraxis had established the prison as a slave pit in order to excavate some artifact from the depths of the Skelt mountain.

The party rested, informed the resistance of their plan, then sprung their attack on the general. The general, it seemed, was waiting for them, but before he could deliver any kind of monologue, Hudson opened fire.

The fight was short but brutal. The party killed every member of the Canorate Covenant that was there, including Habbraxis himself, his lover Goleguil, and the vile wizard Hardo. In the aftermath, they found yet another prisoner: a female gunslinger named Amber Wallace, the one Hudson had been pursuing.

She told Hudson that her kind were being hunted and killed all across Golarion by a mysterious organization called the Technic League. With nowhere else to go, she decided to accompany the party.

They had one last task to liberate the city: open the gates.

Session Five (15 November, 2014)

The battle at the gates saw the party defeat another two members of the Covenant: the witch Chamba and the antipaladin Malia. The final member, a derhii named Dwoomba, managed to escape. The gates fell, the armies of Skelt stormed the city, and the Molthune and undead were utterly destroyed.

Yet the victory was not without tragedy: Fin Godtouched, Savior in the Sky and the Savior of Skelt, fell in battle to Malia’s creations during the battle of the gates. The ruined statue to Nirmath was torn down, and a monument to Fin erected in its place.

With Skelt free, the Nirmathas war machine was once again ready to strike at Molthune’s own armies.

The party returned to Kraggodan to regroup and prepare for their next task.

Intermission: A Hole too Far
A Holiday Mystery


While the adventurers struggled against Nochen’s undead terrors and the General Lord Habbraxis in Skelt, the Hollow Men in Kraggodan were dealing with their own problems.

For years, the Hollow Men had been plagued by the activities of a mysterious cult. Their leader, Bat Earthrender, believed the cult was somehow tied to the new church of Droskar that had emerged in the Rat’s Nest, but without proof, he could only stew and plot.

When Bat’s Morndin Day gift went missing on delivery, Bat believed the cult was at the root of it. He tasked his cousin, Molgrim, and four of his lieutenants (Brain, Content Not Found: kok-firmfist, Snergle Granitetoes, and Yenir Gemheart) to investigate the missing shipment in time to deliver his gift to his men.

In their investigations, the Hollow Men learned that the Skykings were actually supplying the cult with pesh, an illegal drug used to induce religious euphoria. The truth of the missing shipment, however, was much simpler: the goldsmith, Thatu Stonecutter, had been blackmailed by a strange creature, a xorn, living under his house to obtain rare gems – or suffer the consequences.

The Hollow Men dutifully attacked the xorn’s hovel and managed to retrieve the gems, though not without casualties. The xorn killed both Kok Firmfist and Snergle Granitetoes in the fighting.

As they returned with their gift, Molgrim discovered that his cousin believed the cultists were somehow related to the mysterious organization known as the Dominion of the Black. But Bat could not decipher anything from his research, but now that the Hollow Men knew the Skykings secret, it would not be long before Bat could deal with the cult directly.

In the Walls of Ramgate: Episode 3
To a Dream Seen in Autumn


Part One (3 January, 2015)

The party was invited to General Ravenguard’s office for a briefing before they left for Crystalhurst. During the briefing, the general introduced them to a dwarf he asked them to take with them, one of his Raven Guard, Thorgur Lightshammer.

Before he left, Hudson was approached by Amber Wallace, who asked after his story. After telling her his tale of growing up in Torch, Numeria, and fleeing when his parents were killed, Amber revealed her own. She grew up in a village south of Starfall, and when that village also came under attack, she fled with Rond Wolfe, a gunslinger. He took her to Torch where he searched for his brother (revealed to be Hudson’s father), but after failing to find him, he took Amber on the road to stay ahead of the villains hunting gunslingers. It was on this road that he taught Amber the way of the gunslinger, and Amber told Hudson she would be teaching him the same as was taught her after he returns from Crystalhurst.

Shortly after setting out for Crystalhurst, Orin left the party, saying he wished to scout ahead by himself. They were joined by Katsutoshi Hayashi and made their way into the Fangwood, the large forest where the druid village made its home.

A strange dream came to Astrid as they made camp their first night in the forest. In the dream, Astrid met a man unfamiliar to her who nevertheless called her his daughter. He told her that “your mother and I” were proud of her but were making preparations in the Observatory. He encouraged her to continue on her journey. As Astrid found herself departing from the company of this man, she noticed another creature in the dream – a large panther with bright, piercing green eyes. Afterwards, she woke.

The party pressed on into the depths of the Fangwood towards Crystalhurst. As they neared the village, however, they were accosted by a shaman named Gyles and a druid named Elrador, along with a small host of their allies, who challenged them to combat. Katsutoshi embraced the combat, afterwards revealing that it was a test sent by the Watchmen. Gyles, the shaman, was the Watchmen’s seer, who passed along the Watchmen’s quests to them on behalf of a strange creature from another plane, the shaman’s spirit guide.

Having proven a match for each other, the shaman and his companion joined with the party to guide them to Crystalhurst. They were accosted once again, however, this time by a nymph of the wood and her animal allies. Gyles recognized the nymph as Alarea, a one-time guardian of the forest, now corrupt. Elrador then revealed the reason Crystalhurst had not yet joined the battles – they were already at war.

Part Two (7 February, 2015)

The party arrived at Crystalhurst, where they found Orin had already arrived and befriended a tiefling wizard named Mellisan. Mellisan desired to help them in their quest against the mad wizard, Nochen, and so joined the party.

Shortly after entering the village, the party found a surprise waiting for them: their old friend Kelvanann Duskwalker and his eidolon, Malam. Malam, it is revealed, is actually the spirit guide of Gyles and the mastermind behind the Watchmen.

The party then met the Archdruid Heltanto, who told them of the Blight that ailed the forest. Several years ago, something corrupted the ancient dryad, Arlantia, who made her home in the depths of the forest. Since then, the Blight has slowly spread, and now the druids find themselves fully engaged in preventing its advance. Heltanto asked the party to enter the forest and find Arlantia and free her of her corruption, destroying her if necessary.

The next day, led by Gyles, the party entered the heart of the Fangwood. Yet as they neared Arlantia’s sanctum, the world turned to gray ash. Orin quickly recognized the Shadow Plane from his time in Karpad, and Thorgur recognized the work of a ritual to a dark god. The party determined that this ritual had cast them into the Shadow Plane and was now preventing them from moving further.

Further investigation led to a fight with rangers of Crystalhurst, corrupted by the shadows, and the discovery of the Book of Day without Sun. Now able to transfer themselves between the First World and the Shadow Plane, the party began to search through the Fangwood for altars to Zon-Kuthon in order to destroy them and free the forest.


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