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  • Bat Earthrender

    The Rat King, leader of the [[Hollow Men | Hollow Men]], but professes to be loyal to the crown. Bat blamed the [[:iogan | king]] for the serpentfolk's attack, stating that it had been in the [[Rat's Nest | Rat's Nest]] stirring up dissension, and had …

  • Snergle Granitetoes

    At the inn in the Rat's Nest, in the corner telling tales of (his) heroism and chivalry you see the legendary Snergle Granitetoes, who, by the looks of it has a charisma score over 9000. Oh how you'd love the chance at going on an adventure with this …

  • Kok Firmfist

    In a very loud, very drunk corner of the inn (drunker and louder than [[:snergle | Snergle's]] corner), is Kok Firmfist, standing on a table, loudly singing the wrong words to some tavern song, sloshing his ale about in time with his tune. His face …

  • Molgrim Earthrender

    Molgrim is [[:bat | Bat Earthrender's]] cousin, whom Bat only keeps around out of a favor to his brother, Molgrim's father. He works for the [[Hollow Men | Hollow Men]] with his wife, [[:gemheart | Yenir Gemheart]].

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