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  • Fin Godtouched

    h5. In the Walls of Ramgate In the war's opening moments, Fin led away Commander [[:mera | Mera Corby]]'s army from an ambush near Skelt. They fled to Kraggodan, where he led the Mindspin Hammers with [[:bodrut | Bodrut Greathammer]] to victory …

  • Gyles

    Gyles is the [[The Watchmen | Watchmen's]] seer. His spirit guide may also be the eidolon and outsider, [[:eidolon | Malam]].

  • Mellisan

    Mellisan met [[:orin | Orin]] outside of [[Crystalhurst | Crystalhurst]], where she learned the magus pursued a mutual enemy: the vile necromancer, [[:nochen | Nochen Valmugen]].

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