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  • Hadtok Ravenguard

    Hadtok Ravenguard is the General of the [[Kraggodan Militia | Kraggodan Militia]]. He has grown to trust the strange group of outsiders who went to battle for his people in [[Nar Voth | Nar Voth]] against the [[:shoggoth | shoggoth]]. Famously, Hadtok …

  • Iogan Greathammer

    King Iogan is ruler of Kraggodan. He ordered the Darklands sealed after his son, Gorin, returned from an expedition and wrote a strange report. Although he was resistant to letting the party into the Darklands at first, he soon relented. Iogan …

  • Folson Earthbreaker

    Folson is the Commander of the Last Light, the Kraggodan army tasked to patrol Nar Voth. He's often seen as a little out of his mind, perhaps from spending one too many nights in the Darklands. Regardless, no one has ever questioned his leadership. …

  • Hibok Marbleaxe

    Kraggodan weaponsmith and armorer. Hibok learned of gunsmithing from the human, [[:rond | Rond]], and blamed himself for Rond's death for years.

  • Katsutoshi Hayashi

    This strange orc identified himself as a [[The Watchmen | Watchman]] and an ally of Hogon. He has tasked the party with opening the way to the Darklands, or else he will attempt to do so himself - at the side of the orc invasion. According to …

  • Ldod Cloudson

    Dwarf advisor to [[:iogan | King Iogan]]. Seems distrustful of outsiders. Perished in the [[Duergar Mines | duergar mines]] while attempting to investigate the disturbances in the [[The Darklands | Darklands]].