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  • Chevaghol

    ‚ÄčThe unknowable aboleth hold court over the depths of the Sightless Sea, and they stir with its riding tide. No mortal knows if Chevaghol follows the aims of aboleth-kind or her own eldritch purpose. Nevertheless, many mortals worship Chevaghol, for with …

  • Curego

    Curego was defeated by the party in [[Duergar Camp | Nar Voth]] during their expedition. He begged for [[:orin | Orin]] to end his life as a slave to the "old one", and Orin granted his wish.

  • Shoggoth

    Accidentally summoned by [[:zandak | Zandak]], through an unknown intervention by the [[:aboleth | aboleth]], this creature was prevented from fully entering the Material Plane by the [[The Hole | Gate of Torag]] in [[Kraggodere | Kraggodere]]. The gate …

  • Agard Habbraxis

    Agard Habbraxis was the General Lord in the [[Molthune | Molthune]] military and leader of the elite warriors, the [[The Canorate Covenant | Canorate Covenant]]. After the invasion, he constructed an underground prison beneath the city in order to find a …

  • Vomek

    Vomek was a member of the [[The Canorate Covenant | Canorate Covenant]]. When the party first encountered him, he had already been killed by the female gunslinger [[:hudson | Hudson]] was searching for. He fought the party at [[Skelt | Skelt]]'s …

  • Goleguil

    Goleguil was an elven archer and member of the [[The Canorate Covenant | Canorate Covenant]]. He was killed by [[:hudson | Hudson Graves]] underneath Skelt during a gun/arrow-fight.

  • Hardo

    Hardo was a sorcerer and member of the [[The Canorate Covenant | Canorate Covenant]]. He was defeated by [[:orin | Orin]] in the prison underneath Skelt, and he was summarily executed by the gunslinger, [[:amber | Amber Wallace]].

  • Black Sovereign

    Kevoth-Kul is the leader of [[Numeria | Numeria]] and the [[Technic League | Technic League]] and one of the primary antagonists of Dragon Watch. Known as the Black Sovereign, it is by his will that the Technic League practices their long campaign of …

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