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  • Chevaghol

    h4. Episodes 1-42 The orc samurai, Katsutoshi Hayashi, informed Orin that an aboleth was scheming somewhere in the the Darklands. Katsutoshi intended to stop the aboleth's schemes, with or without the party's help, but agreed to grant the party time to …

  • Curego

    Curego was defeated by the party in [[Duergar Camp | Nar Voth]] during their expedition. He begged for [[:orin | Orin]] to end his life as a slave to the "old one", and Orin granted his wish.

  • Shoggoth

    Accidentally summoned by [[:zandak | Zandak]], through an unknown intervention by the [[:aboleth | aboleth]], this creature was prevented from fully entering the Material Plane by the [[The Hole | Gate of Torag]] in [[Kraggodere | Kraggodere]]. The gate …

  • Agard Habbraxis

    Agard Habbraxis was the General Lord in the [[Molthune | Molthune]] military and leader of the elite warriors, the [[The Canorate Covenant | Canorate Covenant]]. After the invasion, he constructed an underground prison beneath the city in order to find a …

  • Vomek

    Vomek was a member of the [[The Canorate Covenant | Canorate Covenant]]. When the party first encountered him, he had already been killed by the female gunslinger [[:hudson | Hudson]] was searching for. He fought the party at [[Skelt | Skelt]]'s …

  • Goleguil

    Goleguil was an elven archer and member of the [[The Canorate Covenant | Canorate Covenant]]. He was killed by [[:hudson | Hudson Graves]] underneath Skelt during a gun/arrow-fight.

  • Hardo

    Hardo was a sorcerer and member of the [[The Canorate Covenant | Canorate Covenant]]. He was defeated by [[:orin | Orin]] in the prison underneath Skelt, and he was summarily executed by the gunslinger, [[:amber | Amber Wallace]].

  • Benjamin Holt

    ​While they encamped in Fort Ferrodan before the Battle of Tamran, Hudson met a strange rider dressed in black. The rider warned Hudson to flee Avistan and never return before disappearing into the night. After a bounty hunter failed to capture …

  • Black Sovereign

    Kevoth-Kul is the leader of [[Numeria | Numeria]] and the [[Technic League | Technic League]] and one of the primary antagonists of Dragon Watch. Known as the Black Sovereign, it is by his will that the Technic League practices their long campaign of …

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