Battle of the Thunder Plain

A key battle in the Second War of Molthuni Aggression, the Battle of the Thunder Plain was an enormous battle that took place between the forces of Molthune and the allies of Kraggodan.

Molthune fielded the Flaming Army, an elite band of 500 warriors led by Jonah Townsend and their orcish ally, Gnorl, marched with them in the Hell Squad, an army of 100 orc barbarians.

Kraggodan met the Molthune armies with the Last Light, led by Folson Earthbreaker, The Granite Company, led by Astrid Medvyed, the Mindspin Hammers, led by Fin Godtouched, and the Avengers of Azlant, led by Orin.

Despite taking initially heavy casualties, the combined armies of Kraggodan obliterated Molthune. Jonah and Gnorl were killed in the fighting.

Battle of the Thunder Plain

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