Book of Stars


The Observatory in distant Skywatch granted its creators unparalleled insight into the movements of the heavens. These ancient astronomers recorded their findings in a single book, and Choral Rogarvia discovered that book when he claimed Skywatch for his own.


A Thread of Silver

​The Technic League of Numeria, a shadowy organization of arcanists who study the Silver Mount in Starfall, recorded an early survey of the Silver Mount’s chambers and artifacts in the book A Thread of Silver. Despite great effort on the League’s part, the original copy was stolen, and new copies have made their way out of the country.

The book is prized for its insights into Numerian technology (especially robots), supposedly surpassing even Pathfinder Chronicles Vol. 3 in detail. The League is known to hire assassins to kill anyone who possesses or reads the book for fear that they might reveal closely guarded secrets.​




​The original book was written in 4515 AR by Technic League member Lucius Worznik, stolen from their collection in 4625 AR, and never recovered.

Events of Dragon Watch

Season Two

Astrid Rogarvia received this book from Gogmurt during her adventure in the Fangwood. Gogmurt tells her that the book’s true contents are masked by powerful magic, but that it nevertheless holds the key to her past.​

​Season Three
In Kraggodan, Astrid was accosted by a bounty hunter working for the Technic League who claimed to be searching for a book called “A Thread of Silver.”

In Stoneclimb, Gurev Medvyed recognized the book in Astrid’s possession, calling it “the Book of Stars.” He claimed it had been delivered to him along with her, when she was a baby, after the Vanishing, and told a tale of a strange man in black attempting to locate the book several years ago. Gurev himself lost possession of the book seemingly in a dream, to a creature matching Malam’s description.

A letter from Astrid’s mother revealed itself to contain a fragment of an encryption key that could unlock the secrets of the book. After Choral Rogarvia ascended to the throne in New Stetven, he granted Astrid access to her family vault, which contained yet another fragment of the key.

In Absalom, Astrid was again attacked by an agent of the Technic League, who confirmed that the Technic League believed their “A Thread of Silver” and her “Book of Stars” to be one and the same. The Technic League, it seemed, desperately wanted to retrieve the book from Astrid, believing it belonged to them.​

Book of Stars

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