​The border between planes is often weak in the oldest parts of the world, and the Fangwood is no exception. The druids of Crystalhurst knew this and founded the village on that principle. So it was they came into contact with the eidolon, Malam Fol.​


Nirmathas and the Watchmen

Crystalhurst’s druidic community was typically insular, but they maintained enough contact with the Forest Marshals of Tamran to ensure that external threats to the Fangwood were kept at bay by the Rangers, while Fangwood-originating threats to Nirmathas were kept within the Fangwood and dealt with by the druids. This arrangement suited the two communities well for many years.

Crystalhurst was ruled by the Archdruid, but it was ruled in truth by Malam, the leader of the Watchmen.​

Events of Dragon Watch

Season Two

The druids joined the Dead War after the defeat of Arlantia, the source of the corruption in the Fangwood. They were instrumental in the alliance’s victory at the Battle of Fort Ramgate, and they presided over the peace talks between the three nations of Kraggodan, Molthune, and Nirmathas.​

Season Three

Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk asked Hudson and Thorgur to check in on the druids during their stay at Fort Ramgate. Forest Marshal Gavirk had grown concerned after not hearing from the druids on nearly 5 months. When the heroes investigated, they found the village destroyed and its inhabitants dead and buried. After rescuing Kelvennan Duskwalker nearby, they learned who was responsible: the Technic League.


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