Fort Ramgate


​Fort Ramgate is a frontier town of the nation of Molthune, in the Marideth River valley. ​


​Fort Ramgate is nestled next to a short range of hills in an otherwise empty plain but technically falls within the Merideth River valley. Beyond its walls are fertile farmlands. It it is heavily fortified, with a large military presence able to encamp within the town’s walls. It also houses a vast underground complex beneath the fort.​

​The town is populated heavily by humans and half-orcs and offers places of worship for all the major Molthuni deities: Abadar, Iomedae, and Erastil. During the Dead War, many of the citizens turned to the worship of the Cult of Bone, believing Nochen Valmugen to hold the key to the eternal life.​

Ravenguard’s Kraggodan

Although neither Nirmathas nor Molthune are in a position, politically or militarily, to challenge Ravenguard’s rise to power in Kraggodan, they recognize it for what it is and return to treating Kraggodan as a neutral, dwarven territory. This allows Lady Governor Saewe to take a position of neutrality and honor the amnesty claims of the dwarves in Fort Ramgate – including the Greathammer family. Although envoys are regularly sent to her city to demand extradition of the refugees, she politely refuses. For Ravenguard’s part, waging war against Fort Ramgate would bring both Nirmathas and Molthune against him.

The Kraggodan dwarves who sit at the council are, by law, from Kraggodan, but they were elected before Ravenguard’s coup. One remains loyal to the Greathammer family, while the other holds sympathy for Ravenguard, but together they serve their dwarven people as a whole.​


​Fort Ramgate has impressive fortifications, which were tested on an almost daily basis by the forces of neighbouring Nirmathas. In fact, the town takes its name from the repeated attempts to destroy its gates. Despite this, the town’s population continues to grow, as Mothune’s army concentrated its forces here in preparation for the almost inevitable invasion of Nirmathas.

The town was commanded by General Hakar until 4708, when the General died of natural causes. He was replaced by General Elizabeth Saewe.​

Events of Dragon Watch

As follows;

Season Two

Fort Ramgate served as the primary base of operations for the Molthuni armies during the invasion of Nirmathas. By the time the war came to its gates, Nochen Valmugen had already converted all of its underground passages to serve his vile ends and had turned a sizable portion of the population into a cult dedicated to his dark powers.

It is assaulted by the combined forces of Kraggodan, Tamran, Skelt, and Crystalhurst in the spring of 4714 and finally falls after heroes infiltrated the fortress and opened the gates to the allied forces. Afterwards, the town remains within Molthune’s control but becomes permanently manned by Kraggodan and Tamran soldiers. General Saewe returns to her command as Lady Governor, reporting both to the Imperial Governor and General Ravenguard.​

Season Three

​Fort Ramgate becomes a symbol of peace and unity following the Dead War, as Molthune’s citizens turn their backs on war after their defeat at the hands of Nirmathas and her allies. It is staffed and protected by a joint military force from Nirmathas, Molthune, and Kraggodan, and while it is led by Lady Governor Elizabeth Saewe of Molthune, it is ruled by a council of six, two from each nation, to pass laws and vote on positions in government.

The city itself has undergone massive renovation and reconstruction, bolstered by dwarven engineering and ingenuity. Nochen’s laboratories have been excavated and converted to other uses – including the Hibok’s new smithy, the Adamantine Forge.​

Fort Ramgate

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