Golushkin Mountains


​The Golushkin Mountains form part of Brevoy’s border with Numeria and are located in what was the original kingdom of Issia before Brevoy became united.​


​The Golushkin Mountains have been populated by the dwarven clan of Golka since before humankind settled Brevoy.

When the ancestors of House Garess came to Golushkin, they formed an early and ameniable friendship with the Golka dwarves. Both peoples prospered from trade, and the two cities of Grayhaven and Highdelve rose up at the foot of the mountains into bustling trade ports.

When the Vanishing occurred, and House Rogarvia disappeared from Brevoy, a landslide occurred in Golushkin. Grayhaven was damaged, and all contact with the Golka dwarves was lost.​

Season Three

Astrid led her companions to Golushkin after discovering a series of dwarven ruins on the walls of Skywatch, dating back to the time of the Vanishing. There she met Howlan Garess and learned of the devastation that occured at Golushkin, concurrent with the Vanishing.

Our heroes delved into the depths of the mountains to discover what occurred during the calamity and what became of the Golka. They quickly found signs of survivors (who perhaps perished months earlier), and worse – aberrations had infested the ruins of the dwarven city.​ They eventually found a survivor, who claimed to worship a prophet, but was overcome by fear – of what exactly, the party was unable to determine. Although they were able to magically dispel her fear for a few minutes, when the magic faded, she took her own life.

Further exploration of the mountains revealed that the dwarves there had taken to worshipping “the Other Gods”, and began working for or possibly worshipping the Prophet – in all likelihood the aboleth, Chevaghol. Although some faction had opposed these blasphemies, ultimately the mountain nevertheless collapsed, and Skywatch and the Rogarvians vanished. Our heroes were uncertain as to the direct link between the two, but before leaving, they confronted the corrupt Council of Golka at the Great Forge of Golka, slaying them and destroying the forge, ending the corruption of Golushkin at last.​

Golushkin Mountains

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