​Grayhaven is the seat of House Garess in Brevoy.​


​Grayhaven’s friendship with the Golka dwarves extends to city’s founding. The Golka dwarves, for their part, were more subterranean than most Golarion dwarves, preferring to carve their cities out of the mountain rather than build out onto the surface. This tendency allowed for easy relations between the races, especially when trade began between the two, with Grayhaven processing the ore turned up by the dwarves within the mountain.​

Toval Golka was sent to Grayhaven at the behest of his mother in 4968 to serve as a ward. Toval became Howlan’s adopted son when the Vanishing occured in 4699, when Toval’s only son was lost in the mountains. Since the Vanishing, Garess has withdrawn into his fortress and refused to see any of the other families. His troops were ordered to Highdelve and Grayhaven, where they remain, guarding the realm against horrors Howlan can’t describe – and which many suspect to be simply Howlan’s depression. The locals speak under their breath of “Howlan’s Grief,” the tragedy that struck down the region’s economy and their beloved Lord.​

Season Three

Our heroes traveled to Grayhaven to meet with Howlan Garess and investigate connections between the Golka dwarves and the Vanishing.​ It was somewhat restored to its former self after the destruction of the Great Forge deep within the Golushkin Mountains.


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