Kraggodan is the ancient home of Rhodin Skyking and Thorgurs Fireborn. The dwarven sky citadel was destroyed by a dhole during the Apocalypse.


​The dwarf settlement of Kraggodan can be found in the southern Mindspin Mountains, within the borders of the nation of Nirmathas, but little is known about it. Although primarily populated by dwarves, it is now also a haven for duergar seeking succor from the dangers of the Darklands.​


​Kraggodan is situated within the Mindspin Mountains, which rise to the west. To the north and south are steep cliffs and chasms carved into the mountain range. East of the city, a bridge known as the Heaven’s Ladder spans the cliffs between the mountains and the open lands east of the city known as the Thunder Plain. The dwarves maintain a portal to the Darklands within the city limits, called a Gate of Torag, that is sealed with powerful divine magic. The portal is only opened by royal decree, and only a cleric of Torag can temporarily unseal the gate to allow passage. Kraggodan itself is split into three districts: the noble district, the business district, and the ghetto known as the Rat’s Nest, infamous for being run by the organized criminals known as the Hollow Men.​



Kraggodan once worshipped Torag nearly exclusively and was known through the dwarven kingdoms for the zealotry of its worshippers. Although the state did not officially endorse Torag nor enforce his worship, it was socially unacceptable to admit to worshipping another god – or none at all. The Cathedral of Torag in Kraggodan was a final destination for many pilgrims traveling south from the Hold of Belkzen or the Worldwound.​


When King Lightshammer won the moot, he declared Torag dead, and Torag’s cathedrals were torn down and replaced with the foundries of Droskar. Worship of other gods, particularly non-dwarven in origin, also rose during this time.


​Kraggodan’s economy thrives on trade with traveling merchants and the Nirmathan city of Skelt.​



Kraggodan is a monarchy, ruled by a royal family elected by nobles, business owners, and land-owners during an event known as the moot.

When a noble family calls for a moot, the 23 nobles vote whether to accept or reject the Moot. If a majority approve, a Moot begins on that date, with the decision occuring 120 days hence. The Moot Council then meets every week for the duration of the moot to hear from different viewpoints. Each family vying for the Moot is only allowed to appear once a month, with the other witnesses being friends, allies, citizens – anyone who can pay the 100g fee to get inside and speak.

At the end of the Moot Council, the noble families will vote, with the majority becoming the new ruling family.​


When Iogan Greathammer was deposed during Ravenguard’s coup, his daughter, Rarrel, declared herself queen-in-exile, and brought many Kraggodan refugees to Fort Ramgate. Lady Governor Elizabeth Saewe established permanent holdings for the government there. Tamran and Canorate refused to recognize the legitimacy of this government, but they also allowed it to operate – as tacit a declaration of support they could make without provoking King Lightshammer in Kraggodan.​


Kraggodan maintains a political relationship with the dwarven leadership in the Five Kings Mountains, and it maintains a permant embassy there.


Fort Ferrodan was established as a permanent settlement of Kraggodan outside Tamran, Nirmathas’ capital, after the Dead War. After Ravenguard’s coup, however, Fort Ferrodan’s governor, General Moli Swordbreaker, declared the fort for Nirmathas, refusing to show fealty to the Kraggodan king.

Kraggodan also maintained a permanent presence in the Molthuni city of Fort Ramgate after the war. This presence would become the home of the government-in-exile, led by Queen Rarrel Greathammer, as well as a community for dwarves fleeing King Lightshammer’s reign.​

Kraggodan maintains a permament military, known as the Kraggodan Militia, who defends it during times of war.

The militia was restructured into the Hollow Men and renamed the Mountain Men after General Ravenguard’s coup.


​The Rule of the Skykings

​Kraggodan was founded, along with the other dwarven sky citadels, around the year -4987 AR. The exact date has been lost to history, but it has not diminished the pride of the dwarves still living in this fabled sky citadel.

The dwarves of Golarion lost contact with Kraggodan in the year 1551 AR and for many centuries it was thought that Kraggodan had been lost. For five hundred years, Kraggodan was quiet, and all dwarves who traveled near it never returned. In truth, the dwarves were fighting the orcs, as all dwarves were at the time, but in a war that seemingly saw no end. These centuries came to be known to the Kraggodan dwarves as the Time of the Orc Moon, when it is said that the sun never rose, and the dwarves fought an endless war under the glaring moon, stained red with blood.

Then, five hundred years later, just as suddenly as they stopped contact, Kraggodan seemed to re-appear. They once again made contact with the last of the sky citadels, only now they were led by a great queen, Furi Skyking. With the aid of the duergar in Kraggodere, a duergar fortress in the Darklands below the sky citadel, she led the dwarves in a bloody and relentless war against the orcs, driving them back to the Hold of Belkzen. This war was costly enough for the orcs that they would not invade Kraggodan again for nearly three millennia, when the memory of this defeat had finally ebbed from their racial consciousness.

After their final victory Kraggodan quickly established itself as a player on the world stage, spreading the word and light of their god, Torag. They established trade with the burgeoning cities of the human nation of Nirmathas, particularly the mountain city Skelt, and their sister city in the Darklands, Kraggodere. For two thousand years, the dwarves prospered. Yet all was not paradise. As they spread across Avistan, the dwarves grew more and more militaristic, and there were some in the fabled citadel who worried that Kraggodan embraced the sky too readily, forsaking the mountain that gave them life. Their ties to Kraggodere and the duergar grew ever more tenuous, and their kings led them on ever more costly wars against evils more and more distant to Kraggodan’s interests.

In the year 3754, Taldor launched the Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant in Ustalav. Eager to secure a position of power around Lake Encarthan, King Thurson summoned Kraggodan’s army, the Mountain Men, and they marched to join the war.

In time, as the war in Ustalav marched on for decades, Farhrud Greathammer turned the dwarves back home against the throne and called for a Moot. The nobles met, they debated, and the great houses of Kraggodan swore Farhrud Greathammer in as their new King in the year 3825. The military was disbanded, and the Kraggodan Militia established in its place, a much smaller army of soldiers loyal to the new throne.

Thurson Skyking returned in the year 3826 but his pleas for justice fell on deaf ears. His family were reinstated as the simple noble house they had not been for millennia, and when the Shining Crusade ended a year later, Thurson threw himself off the Mindspin Expanse. His body was recovered on order of King Greathammer, who ordered him buried and mourned within the Great Halls, among his predecessors. The day Thurson jumped, 15 Erastus, was decreed a city holiday, Kingfell, by decree of King Greathammer, and to this day the holiday is spent celebrating and honoring the kings and queens of Kraggodan for years past.

Afterwards, the Skykings conducted themselves with honor, and over the following centures established themselves as the most powerful noble house in the sky citadel. To this day, however, the Skykings and the Greathammers remain steadfast enemies, forever opposing each other in policy both foreign and domestic.​​

​The Rule of the Greathammers

​King Greathammer initially had the portal to Sekamina sealed by the Mountain Men, but it mysteriously opened several weeks later. This happened for almost a year, until eventually Farhrud Greathammer ordered them to build a Temple of Torag in the Rat’s Nest to protect the portal to Sekamina.

Rafna Skyking, Thurson Skyking’s daughter, worked with Farhrud Greathammer’s son to re-establish Kraggodan’s economy. She led the Skykings into establishing trade with many other dwarvenc cities, eventually winning her family the duchy.

Rafna’s son, and Farhrud’s grand-daughter, were bitter children. The Skyking son listened more to Thurson’s own bitterness and despair than his mother, and he began to stir up the Skykings into feuding with Greathammers. Meanwhile, the Greathammer cut salaries for the Mountain Men, and before long, those who did not leave for better paying work began to turn to crime to make ends meet. The Greathammers dared not intervene, lest the Mountain Men reveal their secret of the Sekamina portal. Over time, they became known as the Hollow Men.

So did the Kraggodan families forget the faces of their fathers and fall into corruption and despair.​

​The Dead War

When Molthune’s Imperial Wizard, Nochen Valmugen, stirred the militaristic nation into war against Nirmathas, he also set his sights on Kraggodan, breaking a longstanding tradition of neutrality held by the dwarven kingdom between it and the human nations of Nirmathas and Molthune. Kraggodan soon found itself under siege from armies of Molthuni soldiers and local orc tribes, eager to gain an upper hand against their hated enemy. The ensuing battle, known as the Battle of the Thunder Plain, lasted for two days, but was eventually won with the help of the heroes of Kraggodere, preventing a siege that would have otherwise been long and bloody.

Under the leadership of High General Ravenguard, Kraggodan afterwards entered into the ensuing Dead War on the side of Nirmathas and was instrumental in the liberation of Skelt and Tamran. They led the allied forces in the Battle of Fort Ramgate, during which Nochen Valmugen was defeated. The war ended shortly after.​

​The Reign of Ravenguard

In 4714, High General Ravenguard used the political and economic turmoil following the Dead War to stage a coup against the Greathammer family, using the assassination of Vastan Skyking as justification for martial law. Summoning an army of loyal duergar up from the Darklands, High General Ravenguard was able to depose King Iogan Greathammer and execute the Skyking family.

Scores of dwarves fled Kraggodan during the fighting, a stream of refugees that soon dwindled to a trickle as High General Ravenguard locked down the bridges into and out of the city. The moot, originally called by Vastan Skyking, nevertheless took place, and the sole petitioner, Berbak Lightshammer, won the day. Rarrel Greathammer fled the city with her family, with the help of the heroes of Kraggodere, and soon established a government-in-exile in Fort Ramgate to oppose High General Ravenguard’s new state. Fort Ferrodan followed suit, under the leadership of Commander Moli Swordbreaker, declaring loyalty to Tamran and the nation of Nirmathas – not Kraggodan.

Kraggodan was soon cut off from the outside world, as trade dried up between the kingdom and its traditional trading partners in Nirmathas. Merchants and pilgrims, once drawn to the city with its great Cathedral of Torag and bustling Cloudhill Markets, were turned off by the new rule, and many sought more stable customers and destinations for their journeys.

Events of Dragon Watch

​Season One

Hudson and Orin met en route to Kraggodan, and Astrid met the pair while on a mission to the city on behalf of the Pathfinder Society. After the outbreak of the Dead War, they were joined by a dwarf of Kraggodan, Thorgur Lightshammer.

After slaying the shoggoth beneath the city, our heroes became local legends and were granted ownership of the ancient Raven’s Tower within the city. This served as their base of operations throughout the Dead War.

The fueding Greathammers and Skykings attempted to enlist our heroes in their squabble the moment they arrived in the city. While our heroes befriended the son of the duke, Bradoc Skyking, they remained neutral in the debate.​

​Season Two

After Molthune invaded Nirmathas in 4713, Kraggodan came under attack by an army of orcs allied the antagonistic nation. Thanks to our heroes, the city was saved. After the battle with the orcs, known as the Battle of the Thunder Plain, Kraggodan entered into the war on the side of Nirmathas, ending centuries of neutrality. With Nirmathas’ military broken under Molthune’s might, Kraggodan quickly became the leader of the allied forces. They led victories in Skelt, Deadeye’s Haunt, and Tamran, outside of which they established a permanent settlement called Fort Ferrodan (the first time the dwarfs expanded their territory since they established the Sky Citadel).​

​Season Three

Season Three opens as the Kraggodan Moot goes into full swing. Thorgur Lightshammer appears before a Moot Council to decry the Greathammers and Skykings, revealing the former’s connection to the Hollow Men, and the latter’s criminal dealings with merchants of the city. As the Moot Council concluded, Hudson Graves followed King Iogan Greathammer to the Rat’s Nest. He spied on the king and overheard Iogan speaking with the Hollow Men’s leader, Bat Earthrender, confirming our heroes’ suspicion that the two were involved.

Revealing this truth to the Moot Council stirred a great controversy, culminating in Vastan Skyking’s call for the council to forfeit Iogan’s claim and cementing his own hopes of winning the moot. Meanwhile, Berbak Lightshammer was put forth as an alternative, if somewhat unknown and unpopular. When Vastan Skyking was killed that night, however, High General Ravenguard declared martial law and imprisoned Iogan Greathammer within the Anvil of Kings.

The entire series of events was revealed for its true nature soon enough, however, when Ravenguard executed the Skykings for treachery and attempted to do the same with the Greathammers. The royal family was saved by Thorgur Lightshammer and his allies, however, and they fled the city as Ravenguard drew an army of duergar into the city to overthrow the old powers. Thorgur returned to the city in secret to save his brother, Berbark, only to find that Berbak had been aware of Ravenguard’s intentions all along. He confronted his father with this betrayal, only to find that his father had orchestrated much of the coup in tandem with Ravenguard. Furious, Throgur slew his father and was afterwards taken from the city by Choral Rogarvia atop Aszrogal.

Dwarves fled to Fort Ramgate in huge numbers, where Rarrel Greathammer established a government-in-exile and was coronated as the queen-in-exile of true Kraggodan. Fort Ferrodan followed suit, and despite Kraggodan’s overtures, both cities remained independent of Ravenguard’s new state.​

Season Four

After Mountainfall seemingly stripped Kraggodan of ancient protections, it was destroyed by a great dhole. The enormous worm appeared to consume the dwaven sky citadel completely before collapsing back into the earth, leaving nothing in the city’s wake but an enormous ravine.


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