Seaside Chapel

When Father Gharol had the old, unused Baytown Chapel torn down, he was quick to rebuild the Seaside Chapel. With its construction, he established Baytown’s Church of Azlant.

​Every night, the townsfolk of Illmarsh gather cliffs overlooking Lake Encarthan and hold communion with the priests of Azlant. Although the townsfolk of Baytown worshipped in a different structure and named a different god, their hymns are not much changed.​


Events of Dragon Watch

Season 3

The Initiative’s investigation in Illmarsh eventually drew them here, following the crowds of worshippers heading to their nightly mass. As they watched the townsfolk worship the “Gods of Azlant”, they heard the bone-chilling mantra of the aboleth’s own worshippers.​ Thus it was found that the Seaside Chapel was in fact a center of worship for the aboleth, Chevaghol. The Initiative later found a teleportation chamber below the Seaside Chapel, leading them to conclude that the church had doubled as a place to perpetuate the ritual that protected Avalon Bay.​

Seaside Chapel

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