Technic League


​The Silver Mount promised freedom from the tyranny of magic, and so it was a league of powerful arcanists who combed its depths to claim that promise for their own. The Technic League now rules all of Numeria, and tyranny fears nothing.​

The Technic League are a faction of technowizards and their robotic servants, led by the Black Sovereign, that jealously guard the Silver Mount and the secrets of its technological wonders. To this end, they have ruthlessly pursued both Astrid Rogarvia (for her family’s knowledge of the Divinity Drive) and Hudson Graves (for his ties to the Silver Mount’s native race, the Androffa), with the aims of erasing them – and their knowledge of technology – from Golarion. The Man in Black was one of their most powerful and feared warriors.


The Technic League became a shadow of their former self in the Apocalypse. Driven from the Starfall by the destruction of the Silver Mount, they yet remained a thorn in the party’s side, attempting to steal the Titanis for their own purposes.

Technic League

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