Technic League


​The Silver Mount promised freedom from the tyranny of magic, and so it was a league of powerful arcanists who combed its depths to claim that promise for their own. The Technic League now rules all of Numeria, and tyranny fears nothing.​



Understanding the Silver Mount

​Understanding the Silver Mount
Despite having complete access to the fabled alien artifact, the Technic League has only the faintest understanding of the incredible site. What little knowledge they have managed to garner has already granted them huge amounts of power within Numeria. Not only do these debased arcanists have great access to the incredibly valuable skymetal—particularly adamantine—that makes up the mountain, but they have also gained considerable political power within the region. With the help of the Technic League, the Black Sovereign gained complete control over Starfall and all of Numeria, and in return, the Technic League has forever gained his ear.

Silver Mount has been the source of countless strange artifacts through the years which the League has sought to catalog and tightly control for their own power and profit. Despite their best efforts, some artifacts have been smuggled out of the country and sold on foreign markets where they command extraordinary prices. Because of the destructive nature of many of these artifacts, Numerian technology has developed a deservedly dark and sinister reputation.

Members of the League go to great lengths to keep their findings secret, even hiring assassins to track down copies of the book, The Book of Stars, an early survey of the Silver Mount, and kill its owners.​

Events of Dragon Watch

​Season Two

While pursuing Hudson across Nirmathas, the Man in Black discovered a lead on The Book of Stars in Crystalhurst. After capturing and torturing the goblin druid, Gogmurt, to discover the book had passed on to Astrid, the Man in Black and his allies destroyed Crystalhurst, slaughtering the druids and capturing Kelvennan Duskwalker and Malam.​

​Season Three

The Technic League pursued our heroes in Kraggodan and Absalom, no longer seeking Hudson Graves, it seemed, but Astrid Medvyed – and the Book of Stars in her possession. They also kidnapped Malam Fol and Kelvennan Duskwalker, hoping to use the former for some unknown end. Kelvennan escaped their clutches and returned to Nirmathas, seeking the help of old allies to rescue Malam.​

Technic League

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