The Darklands



​The Darklands are an immense series of caverns, vaults, and passages under the surface of Golarion. While entrances to the Darklands can be found throughout the world, it is not common for travellers to venture into the almost universally unsafe depths, making the subterranean realm almost a world unto itself.​


​Finding one’s way through the Darklands can be a dangerous and time-consuming undertaking, not only because of its belligerent inhabitants, but because the physical structure of its tunnels and chambers complicate travel. Although more linear, artificial tunnels and grottoes exist (most notably in Orv), the large majority of passages in the Darklands are the result of natural processes and are twisting and confusing, often ending in cave-ins, pits, or other impassable obstructions.​


The Darklands can be divided into three distinct layers, each with their own characteristics, inhabitants and hazards.​

​Nar Voth
Nar-Voth is the uppermost of the three regions—the “wilderness” of the Darklands. Most explorers of the Darklands are only familiar with this region. It is mostly composed of a series of cave networks connected by lengthy twisting tunnels. For a cave network to be considered part of this region, there must be a connection to the region of Sekamina below.​

Points of Interest

  • ​Nar Voth​


Book One: Inside the Mountain of Madness

The party learned that a creature known as an aboleth is scheming in the Darklands and may be exerting control over Orin. Eventually, the party was able to obtain access to the Darklands below Kraggodan, leading them into Nar Voth. There they discovered that a spell gone bad had unleashed some horror in the duergar city of Kraggodere.​

Book Two: Knives in the Dark

During the Battle of Fort Ramgate, Bradoc Skyking was assassinated by a drow. The drow was captured by our heroes, who found dwarven coinage on his person. During interrogation, he revealed that drow were scheming to reclaim their glory. The connection between that goal and their assassination of a dwarven hero on the surface world was unknown.​

The Darklands

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