The Greathammers



​The Greathammers are one of the most notable families in Kraggodan. They have ruled Kraggodan since 3825, when Farhrud Greathammer won a Moot during the Shining Crusade.​



​The Greathammers have served the dwarven people with honor. Their rule is even-handed, and they prefer isolationism and neutrality for Kraggodan in the world stage.


  • ​The Skykings: The Greathammers have been bitter rivals with the Skyking for centuries.​


Farhrud Greathammer brought the family to power during the 12th Moot, in 3825. He and his son led Kraggodan more or less in peace, until the reign of Torra Greathammer, Farhrud’s granddaughter. She participated in a bitter feud with the Skyking nobles of the her generation, and she pulled Kraggodan further within its borders.

Her son, Iogan Greathammer, continued the tradition of isolationism established by Torra. Yet Iogan pushed back against some of these policies, promoting Hadtok Ravenguard to High General of Ravenguard, a noted expansionist. Still, he maintained a neutral position between the warring human nations of Nirmathas and Molthune, preferring trade with both.​


  • ​Bodrut: Bodrut Greathammer is the Prince of Kraggodan. A proud dwarf, he sees the Skykings as meddlers and weaker than even their forefathers. He is wise, like his father, and a man of the people. He is less timid, however, and sometimes a little brash. He often gets into political squabbles with the Skykings, for whom he has little respect. He is no warrior, but he is a future king. Noble, honest, blunt.​
  • ​Dosre Greathammer: Dosre Greathammer is the queen of Kraggodan. She is wise and a good mother, though she fails to see Rarrel’s heart lies in warfare.​
  • Iogan Greathammer: Iogan Greathammer is the King of Kraggodan. He is a timid man, and many see him as weak. In truth, he is wise in both politics and the ways of the world. He is of the noble Greathammer bloodline that ended Kraggodan’s last war and kept it out of wars for over a millennia.​
  • ​Gorin Greathammer: Third son of Iogan and Dosre, and a Pathfinder. Gorin most famously led an expedition to the Darklands before the discovery of the shoggoth in Kraggodere.​
  • ​Kokin: Kokin Greathammer is the second prince of Kraggodan. ​
    ​Mofan Greathammer: Mofan Greathammer was the fourth prince of Kraggodan. He died during an expedition with his younger brother into the Darklands.
  • Rarrel Greathammer: Heiress to the throne. Rarrel Greathammer is the princess of Kraggodan. A cunning woman and tactician, she resents being dragged into diplomatic endeavours and feels her place is in the battlefield. There may be a romance between her and Bradoc.​


Book One: Dark Tremors

In the Archives, our heroes found a document entitled “Transaction History 4710-4712: Molthune”, which appears to implicate the family in taking bribes from the Molthunians. The Greathammers eventually relented to our heroes advice and opened the way to the Darklands for Astrid.​

Book Two: The Dead War

Breaking with his mother’s traditions, Iogan Greathammer entered Kraggodan into the Dead War after the Battle of the Thunder Plain. However, Bradoc Skyking perished at the hand of an assassin during the Battle of Fort Ramgate, and Vastan Skyking challenged Iogan’s rule afterward by calling for a moot.​

Book Three: The Moot

Hudson Graves discovered that Iogan Greathammer was involved with the Hollow Men’s leader, Bat Earthrender, after Thorgur accused the king of collaboration during a moot council.​

The Greathammers

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