The Watchmen


​The Watchmen believe the Dragon Watch holds the power to save Golarion, and so they granted it to those they deemed worthy of that salvation: the gillman Orin and his allies. Having passed on that power, it seems, the Watchmen were themselves diminished. Yet they faded without passing the truth of their sacred mission to the bearers of the Dragon Watch, leaving the fate of Golarion in doubt.​


​The Watchmen are a group of heroes led by the mysterious outsider, Malam, from Crystalhurst. They served as wardens of a powerful artifact known as the Dragon Watch, through which they hoped to raise a new generation of heroes to protect the Inner Sea from its more dire, existential threats.​


Events of Dragon Watch

As follows:

Season One

​While traveling through the Mindspin Mountains, Orin, Hudson, and Kelvennan were aided by a fire giant named Hogon. Having seen a vision of Orin’s aboleth working within the Darklands, Hogon encouraged the gillman to travel there and foil the aboleth’s plans, whatever they might be.

While they traveled the Thunder Plains outside Kraggodan, our heroes were confronted by a group of orcs, led by a samurai named Katsutoshi Hayashi, who appeared initially aggressive before relenting to reveal their combat had only been a test. Katsutoshi then revealed the existence of the aboleth to the entire party, reinforcing their need to stop her.

Katsutoshi would appear periodically to Orin during our heroes’ adventures in Kraggodan before finally agreeing to descend into the Darklands with them. He participated in the battle against the shoggoth, where he witnessed Astrid’s slaying of the creature and Orin’s ascension through the power of the Dragon Watch, an artifact our heroes believed to be a simple wayfinder previously.

Thereafter, Katsutoshi revealed the existence of the Watchmen, wardens of this powerful artifact, and insisted on Orin’s destiny as a Watchmen himself.​

Season Two

​The Watchmen withdrew to Crystalhurst during the Dead War. When our heroes came to enlist the druids in the war, they discovered that the Watchmen were in fact led by Malam, who contacted them through dreams and through the summoning of Kelvennan Duskwalker.

After the war, Crystalhurst – and the Watchmen – were slaughtered by the Technic League’s agent, the Man in Black.​

Season Three

​After the fall of his city to General Hadtok Ravenguard, Thorgur disappeared into the Mindspin Mountains to work out his anger problems. There he met Hogon, who had sensed the death of the Watchmen and revealed himself to be the last of their number. Hogon then apparently gave his own life to empower Thorgur, who later ascended after using his newfound rage to destroy the corrupt Council of Golka beneath the Golushkin Mountains.

Hudson and Thorgur later traveled to Crystalhurst to find the druids, discovering that Hogon’s story was not only true but vastly underemphasized the devastation, for the druids themselves were likewise slain.​

The Watchmen

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