​Tzim’chevaghol is Orin’s homeland, a gillman city hidden beneath the waves of the Arcadian Ocean.

It was devastated in the Apocalypse, when the Arcadian Ocean was drained.​

Season Two

Shalako led many gillmen from Tzim’chevaghol to Nirmathas, in search of Orin, hoping to escape the reach of the aboleth. Orin dedicated himself to finding a safe place for his people, primarily in Lake Encarthan.​

Season Three

Orin ran into an old member of Tzim’chevaghol’s Sightless Council, Hagen, in Illmarsh. The gillman, ever loyal to the aboleth, had been attempting to bring corruption to the Ustalav city and turn them to the worship of the aboleth.

Orin was reunited with his mother, Majistra, in Absalom. She had led many other gillmen to Tzim’chevaghol to the House of the Cresting Wave in Absalom.​

Season Four

​In the future, Orin was reunited with his father, Arion, who told him that Tzim’chevaghol had fallen into ruin with the destruction of the Arcadian Ocean.​


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