​The Rogarvian royal family and the entire city of Skywatch disappeared during this mysterious event in 4699.​


​In 4699, King Urzen Rogarvia and his wife, Queen Viktoriya Rogarvia, the rulers of Brevoy, disappeared along with the rest of their family. At the same moment, the city of Skywatch fell under a mysterious fog, which no mundane or magical force could penetrate. Noleski Surtova ascended to the throne soon afterwards, filling the power vacuum that threatened to destabilize the nation, but he was opposed by Houses Orlovsky and Medvyed. None of the families, however, appeared to have any knowledge of what caused the Rogarvians and Skywatch to vanish, and it remained a mystery.​

Season Two

Astrid’s true family heritage was revealed to her companions by the lich, Nochen Valmugen, and the warrior confirmed them to be true: she was of the House Rogarvia and the daughter of the disappeared king. For reasons unbeknownst to her, she had been spared from the Vanishing, left on the doorstep of Stoneclimb at the feet of Gurev Medvyed as a small girl of only five years. Despite her best efforts, she admitted she could not remember anything that occurred before that date.​

After Nochen’s fall, Astrid was greeted by another vanished Rogarvian – Choral Rogarvia – who believed her to be key to solving the mystery of the Vanishing.

Season Three

Choral enlisted Astrid’s air in their mutual goal of investigating the Vanishing. Astrid discovered a connection between Skywatch and the Golushkin Mountains, wherein dwelled the Golka dwarves, while investigating the former city with Choral and her companions. She traveled to Grayhaven to investigate this connection and there discovered from Howlan Garess that the Rogarvians were not the only casualty of the Vanishing. In fact, the Golka dwarves had also vanished that day, when a portion of the mountain collapsed, cutting off all connections from the surface world to the dwarven city. No survivor had been heard from since.


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