Amber Wallace

Female Gunslinger



​Amber Wallace is a Numerian gunslinger and an ally to our heroes.​


​Amber Wallace is a fellow gunslinger to Hudson Graves. She has lived a life on the run, and as a result, she is wary of strangers and selective of her friends. She hopes to uncover the secrets of her ancestry and help Hudson ascend to his true potential.

Amber is a harsh woman raised in a harsh land, and she works to keep the memories of her fathers and mothers alive. She sees technology as a precious gift from her ancestors and believes it should be jealously guarded and kept from the hands of those who might misuse them, even including the dwarves of Kraggodan.​

​Amber is slightly below average in height and has sharp, red hair. She is of medium build, but she is much faster than she looks. She prefers to dress in light brown leathers, knee high riding boots, and always wears her revolvers.​


​Akiton & Castrovel: Amber’s revolvers were given to her by her father, Rond Wolfe.​


​Amber spent the early part of her childhood in the wilderness outside Starfall, a child of the Ro Jarnan tribe. The Ro Jarnans, the Order of the Star, along with Amber (and Hudson Graves) were the last living relatives of the original race that piloted the Silver Mount worldship. They remained in Numeria, unable to retake their ship from the Technic League – and somewhat unwilling, as the AI still desired their destruction – in order to keep an eye on their old home for any opportunity to regain what was lost.

When the Technic League enacted a pogrom to wipe out the Ro Jarnans, Amber, only 5 years old at the time, was taken from Numeria, along with the baby, Hudson Graves, by a gunslinger named Rond Wolfe. Her parents and siblings, meanwhile, stayed behind to make their last stand. She never saw them again.

Rond dropped off Hudson with a foster family in Garund but left with them no details of his family or former life, knowing Hudson would only be endangered if he did. He kept the Star Cannon, which would have been Hudson’s by birth, with some idea in his mind to find Hudson later, when the Technic League had given up their hunt, to explain everything.

Rond Wolfe knew he could not deny Amber her place as a gunslinger, however, given her age, and so the pair continued their journey all the way to Brevoy. There, he raised her as a gunslinger, one of the last, and personally granted her Castrovel and Akiton, her revolvers, when she came of age. He also trained her with the Star Cannon, Hudson’s own weapon by birthright, with the hope that one day, the world would be safe enough for them both to reunite, and she could return the weapon to the boy. He also trained her with the Star Cannon, Hudson’s own weapon by birthright, with the hope that one day, the world would be safe enough for them both to reunite, and she could return the weapon to the boy.

Several months later, when Rond was later attacked by assassins while away from home, he knew he could not keep Amber safe so long as he remained with her, Taking what few possessions he had, Rond left, leaving Amber only with a note of his affection, knowing she would never let him leave if he told her in person.

For her part, Amber was angry at Rond for what she perceived was abandonment. Time heals all wound, though, and in the year 4712, she set out to find Rond and Hudson and reconnect with her family at last.

Resident in Kraggodan
She eventually found Rond in Kraggodan, only it was too late. He had already died of a technovirus. Once she realized the Technic League was involved, she fled the city, determined to find his killers. What she found instead was an army of orcs coming to invade the dwarven city. Disturbed by the timing, she followed the orcs for some time. One night, they found her camp, and although she escaped, an orc captain made away with the Star Cannon.

While fleeing the orcs in the wilderness of Nirmathas, Amber fell into the hands of the Molthuni army. Fascinated with her weapons, Agard Habbraxis took her as a prisoner. When he conquered Skelt, he made her his first victim in the gulag. He tortured her to learn about her past, her abilities, and – most of all – how to use her weapons. She resisted this torture to the last, however, and told him nothing.​

Events of Dragon Watch

Season Two

After her rescue by Astrid Rogarvia, Amber joined up with our heroes and served as Hudson’s advisor. She fought with Hudson all through the Dead War and joined him during his expedition into Nochen Valmugen’s laboratory underneath Ramgate. She parted ways with our heroes briefly while they fought the lich, planting explosives in the wizard’s labs in order to keep his technology out of the hands of the invading armies.​

Season Three

After their confrontation with Chevaghol beneath Illmarsh, Amber changed her mind about technology. She decided to return to Fort Ramgate to study under Hibok Marbleaxe with the hopes of learning to repair the Titanis as well as develop more weapons with which to combat the aboleth.​

Amber Wallace

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